Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

It's season finale week for almost all my scripted shows.  Lots of drama and action and a few cliffhangers to boot.  Still got a few reality shows to go next week, and then a couple of quiet weeks until the USA Network kicks in.

Anyway, here are my thoughts for the week.  Feel free to share or link up to yours in the comments.

As always, there be varying degrees of spoilers ahead.

The Amazing Race - Rachel's former self is coming back into the thick of things.  And I'm not that happy about it.  I really hope she doesn't win.  Definitely rooting for Dave and Conner at this point.

Once Upon a Time - It was a fun finale, but I guess I wanted it to tie in more to the rest of the story they'd been doing.  Really, it was a stand alone two hours in some ways.  Anyway, here's the fullrecap.

Dancing with the Stars - If I had to bet, I would bet that the Charlie and Meryl fans all voted for Meryl, who was at the bottom of the leader board after the judge's votes, and therefore Charlie, who was at the top, didn't get enough votes to stick around.  Definitely a shock.  And as much as I've been rooting for Candace, she really should be gone by now.

24: Live Another Day - It was a good move forward story wise.  Jack has not trapped himself in another impossibly situation, but that's what we love about the show.  Between his scenes in the embassy and Audrey learning he is alive, next week looks good.

Castle - I appear to be one of the few, but I liked the finale, issues, cliffhanger, and all.  Here's my full recap.

Agents of SHIELD - I was expecting the action and drama, but I was surprised at just how funny the finale was.  Definitely a pleasant surprise.  Here's my full recap.

Melissa & Joey - A clips episode.  Definitely picked some funny moments I didn't remember, but I'm not sure I have much to say beyond that.

Survivor - Please tell me they aren't going to fall for Tony's idol lies.  Please tell me they aren't going to fall for Tony's idol lies.  Have I mentioned I want the jerk out?  And with 3 on 1, there is a chance it might happen, unless they believe he can still play his idol.

Arrow - So much drama and action.  I must mention the "I love you" that Oliver said to Felicity.  I love their relationship, but I'm not sure I'm actually rooting for them.  Still, it shocked me, but how they played it with the reverse and the conversation at the end was brilliant.  So many threads to pick up next season, although I think I am most interested in watching how Oliver does being poor.  I hope he gets Queen Consolidated back, but we'll see.

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon's reactions to everything was so perfectly funny, I was laughing the entire way through.  I'm hoping that the fire wasn't a way to write Stuart off the show, although his final scenes, while predictable, were certainly very funny.  All told, a great episode that will leave me wondering just what Sheldon is up to all summer.


  1. I agree on Candace. I like her but I thought Danica would stay longer. I hated that Charlie left. He was probably my favorite. The Big Bang Theory was fantastic. I had worried they'd gone off the rails last season but I've really enjoyed this season. Agents of SHIELD and Once Upon a Time are on my too watch list - they sound pretty entertaining.

    1. I'm watching reruns on BBT's last season right now. Still some pretty funny episodes.

      Once is wonderful. Love it! Agents of SHIELD takes a while to grow, but the second half was strong and it was great overall.

  2. I watch only The Amazing Race and Big Bang Theory. The rest of the time we watch The Voice and American Idol as we're music fans! I agree that Big Bang is hilarious and hope Stuart doesn't get written off.

    1. So with liking music shows, do you watch The Sing-Off? I love it when it is on, the only music show I watch.

  3. Yikes! I totally missed last weeks post!

    I was really surprised by TBBT! Sheldon takes off by himself? What the what?

    Didn't like that Stuart's store had a fire. I'm a Stuart fan, so hope the don't take him off the show. But, I heard a rumor that he's being written out and Will is going to be on more. Please don't let it be so!! Not a fan of Will at all!. To me, he's boring and not funny at all!

    1. I was wondering where you were. :)

      I like Wil and find him funny. But I like Stuart, too, and hope they aren't completely writing him out of the show.