Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's on My Nightstand - May 2014

This is a busy week around here.  Not only am I trying to keep up with my normal reviews while participating in Armchair BEA, but it's also the fourth Tuesday for the month, which means it is time for What's on Your Nightstand as hosted by 5 Minutes for Books.

It's a funny week to run this for another reason.  I feel like my nightstand is all over the place right now.  I've got a review posting today for an audio book I listened to two weeks ago.  The book I finished yesterday is for a blog tour next week, so I'm not reviewing it this week (although if I were smart I'd write the review).  Meanwhile, I've started another.  As I said, I'm all over the place.

So let's get to some specifics.

Last week, I read two cozy mysteries by two of the Wicked Cozy Authors - Boiled Over by Barbara Ross and 'Til Dirt Do Us Part by Edith Maxwell.  You can read the reviews by following the links, but the short version is I enjoyed them both.

Posting today is my review of The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly.  It's a legal thriller and definitely different from what I normally read.  I enjoyed listening to the audio book very much.  (UPDATE: It's now posted here!)

And I just finished A Sense of Entitlement by Anna Lois-Wilsey.  This is the third in a series of historical mysteries.  My review (with giveaway) will be up next Tuesday.  Again, it was an enjoyable book.

Which leaves me with the book I just started - Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman.  So far so good.  I'm hoping to have my review of it up this week, although it's going to be a busy week, I can tell already.

What's next on the horizon?  Probably Wicked Eddies by Beth Groundwater followed by the latest Monk tie in novel, but you just never completely know.


  1. I need to remember these titles especially for my husband. He's more of a mystery reader than I am, and he listens to most of them on CDs to and from work. Good list!

    1. A lot of these have female lead characters, so he might not be interested in many of them, but I'm sure he will enjoy Michael Connelly if he hasn't already.