Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Welcome to another week's Weekly TV Thoughts.  Feel free to post your thoughts on your own shows here or to post them on your blog and link back here.  I know things are quiet for the next few weeks, but summer shows will be upon us soon.

Last week, it was scripted shows ending for the season.  This week, it's reality shows.  As always, major spoilers start immediately.

The Amazing Race - The right team won!!!  I was rooting for Dave and Connor so much.  And how about that final race to the finish line?  It was one of the best they've ever had.  I had eased up on Brenchel earlier in the season, but I was actively rooting against them at this point.  Talk about rude, obnoxious, and jerks.

24: Live Another Day - Definitely an every second counts episode.  I was on the edge of my seat a few times, and completely had to look away when the villain started attacking her own daughter.  This show is definitely on the edge of what I enjoy, but I do so enjoy it.

Dancing with the Stars - The right couple won again!  Yes, you can say what you want about Meryl having an advantage, the truth is she was the best dancer of the three remaining.  Heck, I'm even okay with the order they finished in.  Now, if we can just get Cheryl an awesome partner next season…  (Why yes, Meryl is right that the pros are as much celebrities if not more than the celebrities these days, why do you ask?)

Survivor - Unfortunately, I think the right person won here, too.  Yes, I've been actively rooting for Tony to be gone for weeks.  However, of the two left standing at the end, he played the better game to get there.  He was a jerk and a liar, but he was actually doing something.  I just wish people had woken up to it earlier and voted him off.