Friday, October 18, 2019

Ornament Review: Connect 4 - 2019 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Captures the version of Connect 4 I grew up with
Cons: I’m not connected to any
The Bottom Line:
Great game ornament
Connect 4 shrunk to tree size
So glad I got it

I Bet You Can Connect the Reasons I Love This Ornament

While Hallmark has an official Family Game Night ornament series going right now, they also offer some game themed ornaments that aren’t part of the line.  Not surprising since they offer many nostalgic toy ornaments each year.  While I haven’t bought all of these compliments, I knew I had to get Connect 4 when I saw it was going to be released this year.

This ornament perfectly captures the look of the classic game (and by classic, I mean the version I grew up with).  It appears they have recently updated Connect 4, but for me, this ornament is how the game should look.  It has blue support arms and a yellow vertical game grid.  You take turns adding red and black discs (like checkers pieces) trying to get four in a row.  The first one to do that wins.

And this ornament captures a just completed game.  If you look, you can see where both people came close to winning before one person actually did.  Was it black or red?  I’ll let you see for yourself.  The game must have just ended since the blue lever at the bottom hasn’t been flipped yet, sending the discs tumbling out of the grid.

The fact that I know exactly what has happened just by looking at the game board is exactly why I love this ornament so much.  It captures the game and the fun so much.  Yes, I quickly graduated to Match 4 (which is Connect 4 in 3D), but this is still very fun just as it is.

Since the game stands on its own in real life, it’s no surprise that the ornament stands on its own.  The blue legs provide a solid enough base for the ornament.

It’s also no surprise that the ornament hangs straight.  The loop is right in the center, so naturally it is balanced perfectly.

As I keep saying, nostalgic ornaments are one of my weaknesses when it comes to Hallmark ornaments, and this is a great one.  Connect 4 will connect with anyone who has fond memories of playing this game.

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