Saturday, May 30, 2020

May 30th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Titan Games – I’m not sure how I feel about the regions thing.  I think last season was simpler and it is going to wind up being overly complicated now.  But I’ll give it a few more weeks to see how it all shakes out before I decide for sure.  The Mt. Olympus course is crazier this year, that’s for sure.  And the new challenges look tough.  There is no way I could be on this show at all, but I will enjoy watching it.

The Baker and the Beauty – I didn’t see a few of those twists coming.  Like the ex saving the day when Daniel was arrested.  For that matter, it was nice to see someone actually facing consequences for punching another person out.  Anyway, it was nice to see Daniel and the ex come to a better resolution.  And then the kiss with Mateo?  I mean, that, I saw coming.  I wasn’t expecting the breakup with Noa.  And I hope that Natalie and the mom are going to be less problematic going forward.

Stargirl – I’m very shocked at what they did.  I figured that this guy was going to be our big bad of the season, so the fact that they fought him and apparently defeated him already is a completely surprise.  Yes, they kept him in a coma, so he can always come back, but still, wow!

Legends of Tomorrow – That was as fun as I hoped it would be.  No, they didn’t really capture the flavor of Friends, but I thought they did a good parody of Star Trek.  That’s the fun and funny show that I have been missing so much this season.  I have a feeling that next week will be painful, but I’m glad we got to enjoy this week.  And, as much as I never really warmed up to Mona, it was fantastic to see her again.  If everyone is alive in this timeline, I’m wondering if we will hear anything more about the original where several characters had died.

Game On! – I thought I’d check this new show out since it sounded like another fun collection of wacky games.  I was sadly disappointed.  After the first one, most of the rest didn’t really appeal to me.  I’ll probably give it another week, but that might be all.

Holey Moley – New holes!  And some revised holes from last year, too.  I also have to remind myself as I’m sitting in my hot condo that this films in the winter, so it is cold to be going in that water.  I feel for the golfers even as I root for them to get wet.  Yes, I’m rather mean like that.  I do feel sorry for the diver.  I get they were going for laughs, but he should have been able to move on.  He looked mad, and rightfully so.

To Tell the Truth – I tuned in again this week, and boy am I glad I did.  If you didn’t watch the episode, I suggest you watch the entire thing.  And that’s all I am going to say.

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