Sunday, February 2, 2020

Candy Review: Hershey's Lava Cake Kisses

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun and delicious
Cons: Missing the cake texture
The Bottom Line:
A new Hershey’s Kiss
With a fun gooey inside
Delicious dark taste

Delicious and Fun Twist on a Kiss Almost Lives up to its Name

I was walking through my local Target a couple of weeks ago, and I got stopped when I spotted a new to me Hershey’s Kiss flavor.  I just can’t seem to resist trying them.  This flavor was Lava Cake, and since I love a good chocolate lava cake, I had to try a package.  The result is good, but it doesn’t quite capture the title dessert.

If you aren’t familiar with lava cakes, they are a cake with a gooey, liquid inside.  So, I wasn’t surprised to find these candies feature a hard, traditional Hershey’s Kiss shaped outside shell with liquid chocolate inside.  These particular kisses are dark chocolate.  I’m usually more of a milk chocolate kind of guy, but once I got used to these being dark chocolate, I was quite happy with them.  They taste great, and the liquid inside is quite fun.

However, they are missing something.  I finally figured out it is the cake part of a lava cake.  Chocolate cake has a taste that you can’t quite duplicate.  Or maybe it is the texture I am missing.  Either way, it is a noticeable absence, but a minor detail overall.  I mean, it is hard to complain about pure chocolate, right?

These were in the Valentine’s section of Target, and the packaging is certainly themed around the holiday with hearts on the foil wrappers.  They released them for the first time last year, and I’m betting these will become an annual limited time release from Hershey. 

I’m glad I tried the Lava Cake Hershey’s Kisses.  They are a fun and delicious twist on the classic candy, but they are no substitute for the real thing.

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