Sunday, February 16, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Pirates of the Caribbean - Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction #2 - 2020 Release

: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great theme around a popular ride
Cons: Dead cons tell no tales
The Bottom Line:
Minnie and Pirates
Prove to be a fun combo
With second pin set

A Pirate’s Life for Minnie

Each month this year, Minnie is visiting a classic Disney Parks attraction, and she is dressing for the occasion.  She started out in Tomorrowland with Space Mountain, she’s moving across the park to New Orleans’ Square and Pirates of the Caribbean.  (Yes, my Disneyland bias is showing.  But have you seen the ride at Walt Disney World?  Sorry, but theirs is vastly inferior.)  I’m only collecting the pins this year, and this is another fun pin set.

The pin set consists of three different pins.  Each month also has an appropriate color scheme, and this month is gold and black.  One pin is the icon for the attraction dressed up for Minnie.  In this case, we get a skull with a bow on top.  Honestly, this alone cracks me up.  We are talking something supposed to be a scary warning and making it cuteish.  No, it’s not fully cute, but it is edging that way.  The bow is black with little gold polka dots on it.  And the white skull has a gold tooth.  Next is Minnie herself.  She’s wearing a bow that matches the one from the skull.  Finally come the Minnie ears.  In this case, the different ears have icons in them.  In one is the skull with a bow again while the other has a ship’s wheel.  Instead of a bow, we get a pirate ship in the space between the two ears.  Each of the three pins has some glitter in the darker elements, too.

It’s going to be hard to top the Space Mountain pin set for beauty.  Then again, I love stars, so the glimpse of space it offered us was an instant draw for me.  However, this set is lots of fun.  The theming is once again outstanding, the color choices evoke the ride, and the pins are fun.  This is another popular ride, so I expect these pins will be popular for a long time to come.  This month’s items were certainly popular when I went to get them at my local Disney Store yesterday.

I’m really glad I decided to collect these pin sets each month.  The Pirates of the Caribbean set once again proves to be plenty of fun for fans of these theme park attractions.

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