Saturday, February 29, 2020

February 29th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Time to leap right into some TV thoughts.  (I crack myself up.)

God Friended Me – What a trail for them to follow.  From Miles having himself to the kid to the truth.  I knew there had to be something else going on, but I had no clue what it us until the end.  That was an emotional episode at the end.  The card is intriguing.  I wonder where they will be going with this part of the storyline.

Batwoman – I was thinking Mary knew that Kate was Batwoman earlier in the episode.  I just jumped the gun by half an episode, obviously.  I love how quickly she figured it out.  I mean, seriously, those were mostly clues from this episode.  The “vampire” was a bit weird, but I like how it advanced Alice’s storyline.  And her admission there at the end was heartbreaking, but in a good way.

Supergirl – We already live in a semi-alternative Earth, they couldn’t change things up too much and rewrite that Kara told Lena the truth earlier, so the outcome of the episode was never in doubt.  Still, it was a great way to bring in previous characters for cameos.  I really liked that.  James was most noticeably absent except for one flashback that I’m sure was recycled footage, but it was fun to see those other characters show up as they did.  And it gave us needed character growth for Kara.  I loved their explanation for changing the actor who played the nymph, too.  (No, I’m not going to try to spell his name forward or backward.)

Girl Scout Cookie Baking Championship – This was the first time I wasn’t craving cookies the entire time.  I was actually craving chips during the first round.  Those seven layer bars sound good, just hold the bacon.  Make them six layers, and I’m sold.  As for the cakes, based on looks, I would have gone with the Golden Gate Bridge, but I’m a bit biased since I grew up in the Bay Area.  Sounds like the winning cake tasted the best.  Definitely would like to sample it.

The Flash – I’m not a fan of Grodd, but I didn’t mind him this much this time.  Probably because he wasn’t really a villain this time.  Still, I hope we are done with him for a good long while.  Whenever Caitlyn/Killer Frost is on, all I can do is look for evidence that she is pregnant.  In certain shots you can tell, but they are very quick.  I was wondering why Iris had a double on our side of the mirror and the other woman didn’t.  They at least answered part of that question.  Now, what is she really hiding?  And is that Thone back again?  Yes, I did love the nod to God Friended Me (from the same creator) in the title of the episode.

Legends of Tomorrow – I’m really struggling with this season, mainly because of Constantine.  I hope they are leaving that dark storyline behind now.  I’m interested in Charlie and the loom.  They sure haven’t known what to do with Nora this season, which is a shame.

Survivor – Not Ethan!  He’s one of the winners I most definitely remember, and I really like him. I’m sorry to see him go.  I was certainly blindsided.  And, if you are going to go for a power group, you’ve got to go for the head, not the weakest link.  Rob or Pavarti were the ones to go.  Now, however, I’m wondering how long it is until we mix things up.  Probably another week or two.

LegoMasters – Honestly, I would have had trouble with some of those genres myself, not telling a story in them with words, but in one scene?  Then add in a completely opposite scene and I’m really confused.  However, I did like some of the scenes they came up with.  The two the judges picked out were my top favorites as well.

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