Saturday, February 15, 2020

February 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Girl Scout Cookie Championship – Obviously, I have a one track mind because the instant they announced the s’mores challenge, I wanted to see someone use Thin Mints.  Now I’m obsessed.  I need to try a chocolate mint s’more.  The cakes in the final round looked amazing.  Not sure I got Yosemite out of the winner’s cake, but it certainly looked great.

The Flash – I’d forgotten about Iris going into the mirror at first.  I was thinking we had a clone or something, but then I remembered the mirror.  I’ll be interested to see how long it takes before Barry really figures things out.  He’s definitely on the right track already.  And what was going on with Nash there at the end?

Legends of Tomorrow – If the show had been back in the fall, I’m sure it would have been the Halloween episode.  As obsessed with slasher as I am, I loved it, and all the little nods to the classics of the genre.  I’m going to be very interested to see where they go with Zari this season.

Survivor – What a start.  Glad Natalie is out.  I never have liked the Twinies since they were on The Amazing Race.  Not surprised Amber is gone.  I’ve always felt Rob was the stronger player of that couple, but considering they were a couple, she was always going to have a target on her back.  Not getting why Sandra is so angry at Rob.  Did he change his mind?  If not, he lies.  We know that about him.  He’s as big a liar as you are.  Get over it.  It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season unfolds.  Yes, I’m only remembering about half the cast right now, but I’m sure the others will pop in as they get more screen time.

Lego Masters – Space, the broken frontier.  I thought Mayim was going to be a guest judge, but she left with an hour left.  Sam and Jessica were in the bottom two twice and are still around.  Of course, with the other team’s build falling apart before it could be demolished, it was easy to see why they left.  They’ve got some creative challenges for this show.  This is going to continue to be fun.

Carol’s Second Act – We have a couple of story arcs going on here.  The patient was around last week, and it looks like will be a factory next week.  Plus we’ll be seeing more of the surgeon.  I actually liked him and especially loved the scene in the surgeon’s lounge.  I still think you can have a good bedside manner and be a good surgeon, but they made him human.  I’ll be interested to see where the crush goes.  The sub-plot involving the tattoo?  Best laughs of the series.  Could it be the writers are finally finding the rhythm of the show and what works?

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