Sunday, February 9, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Aurora - Windows of Magic - 2019 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Creative touches make this Aurora pin fun
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
Aurora smiles out
Color battle continues
This pin makes me smile

Everything’s Coming Up Roses for Aurora’s Window

It’s the little touches that make the Windows of Magic pin series from Disney so much fun.  In the case of Aurora, those details might not be so small, but they are enough to make any fan of Sleeping Beauty smile.

This series features classic Disney heroes and heroines in stained glass windows.  Okay, so they are pins, so the back in solid and light can’t really shine through, but the effect is pretty remarkable.  It helps that the fronts of the pins are made from clear plastic and there are silver lines just like in real stained glass.  These pins were released one a month throughout 2019, each character selected to counter a villain from the Windows of Evil pins that had been released the year before.  Naturally, Maleficent was part of that series, so Aurora was the complement.

At first glance, this window is no surprise.  We’ve got Aurora smiling out at us from the window.  The border of her window has vines wrapped around it, and there is a rose up on the top.  In the very bottom are three bursts of color – green, pink, and blue – to represent the three fairies who raised her.

I love the touches in the frames in these pins.  They are part of what makes them special.  However, that isn’t the best feature of this pin.  No, it’s the fact that Aurora’s dress is two different colors.  On the right, her dress is pink.  On the left, it is blue.  And the background is also pink and blue.  It looks like Disney let two of the fairies lose in their pin storage area unsupervised, doesn’t it?

And it’s that little touch that makes me smile when I look at this pin.  It’s absolutely fabulous, and something I never would have thought of.  That’s why I admire the pins instead of trying to design any of them.

Since these were limited edition pins, they are hard to find now.  But if you enjoy Sleeping Beauty, you’ll be happy to tracked down Aurora.

Interested in seeing the pin?  Here's a link to my picture on Instagram.

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