Friday, February 21, 2020

Ornament Review: Milk and Cookies - Making Memories #12 - 2019 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Memories of midnight snacks left for Santa
Cons: Slight tip, but nothing major
The Bottom Line:
Milk, cookies, Santa
Combine in cute ornament
Warm, memory filled

Christmas Eve Memories

The Christmas season holds a ton of memories of traditions we celebrated as children and then pass on to the next generation.  Hallmark has done a great job of capturing those moments with the Making Memories series, and they’ve got another winner for us with Milk and Cookies.

As the title suggests, this year our snowpeople are leaving milk and cookies out for Santa.  They are standing next to the small table with a pretty light blue table cloth on it.  The cloth has a red fringe and some snowflakes stitched onto the bottom.  The child has just put a plate with three frosted sugar cookies on it, and the adult is setting a glass of milk on the table.  And how do I know this is being left out of Santa?  Because there is a note there written by the child that says “For Santa” on it.  After all, we want Santa to know they were left out on purpose.  Otherwise, he might think we were naughty, not picking up after ourselves.

The added bit of cuteness?  The family’s kitten is peeking out from under the table.

As usual, this scene is placed on a snowflake shaped base, so it could easily be set on any flat surface to be displayed.  But if you want to add it to your Christmas tree, you’ll find the loop in the adult’s hat.  It’s not quite balanced, but close enough that you’ll never know when you get a few Christmas tree branches around it.

This series continues to make me smile each year.  The snow characters are always charming, and the memories they evoke is fantastic.  Even when the activity is something I might not have done, I can still get the appeal.  In this case, I do remember leaving milk and cookies out for Santa when I was a child.  The nostalgia inspired by this series is absolutely off the charts.  It’s why we are on number twelve in the series with no signs of the series slowing down.  And yes, there is a 12 in a Christmas tree on the bottom of the snowflake base.

I had to pick up Milk and Cookies.  Like the rest of the series, it offers up nostalgia for your tree.

Enjoy more warm memories with the rest of the Making Memories ornaments.

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