Saturday, February 8, 2020

February 8th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Two shows may have ended forever last week, but I started two new shows this week.  Okay, they are both reality competition shows, and I expect they will only last a few weeks, but they were both still fun.

Girl Scout Cookie Championship – I heard about this show a couple weeks ago, and I had to give it a try.  Creating other desserts using Girl Scout cookies intrigues me for sure.  I’m surprised it looks like we will have different contestants each week.  When I saw the one woman was going with an environmental theme, I knew she’s win.  But I have to say her cake looked the best of the three, and it sounds like it tasted the best or pretty much close to the best.

The Flash – Giving Barry a little more time off post crisis, I see.  Really, the episode was all about Iris and her new storyline/mystery, which sounds like it will be driving much of the back half of the season.  That last scene?  Creepy and an effective cliffhanger.  But I would like to know how long Cisco will be gone.  I’m going to miss him for sure.

Legends of Tomorrow – Better than last week’s episode, but still not quite the humor powerhouse the show can reach.  Zari’s going to be very interesting this season.  How long before everyone’s memory comes back.  And what will happen to her brother when people can remember the truth.

Survivor at 40 – No wonder I can’t remember all the contestants.  Almost 600 players?  That’s insane?  I had forgotten about half the moments they highlighted, but others I remembered clear as could be.  Fun to see them again.  And I am jazzed about the Winners at War season starting next week.

LegoMasters – This show sounded like fun the instant I heard about it, and I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s hard to go wrong with a theme park theme, but some of those were amazing.  I’m kind of glad no one went home right away.  It would take a bit to figure out what you need to do, so a second chance is nice.  Not that I can say much.  Every thing they were doing is well beyond my capabilities.

Carol’s Second Act – Don’t these characters realize they are on a TV show?  All secrets come out eventually, and in the worst possible way.  Still, that was actually a fairly funny episode.  The subplot with the wheelchair was predictable but funny as well.  Curious where the relationship will go in the future.

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