Saturday, February 22, 2020

February 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

I've got a couple of spoilers below, so read at your own risk.

God Friended Me – The show has definitely gotten more political this season, and this episode was just shy of a full-on lecture.  Nothing really to tie it to the main story arc either.  Did get more of the cancer storyline, but honestly, this could have stood almost by itself.

Batwoman – I knew Beth wasn’t going to survive.  I honestly thought they were going to kill her last time, so I was surprised she made it through the end of the episode.  But they way they did it this week was such a gut punch.  And now Alice is going to be even worse than before.  Can’t wait to see that.  The biggest surprise of the night however, was the fact that Mouse’s dad is still alive.

Supergirl – I must admit, Winn’s first episode back was better.  This one was a bit disappointing, at least as far as his story goes.  They are definitely ramping up the Luthor storyline, and I’m very anxious to see where this is going to go.

Girl Scout Cookie Championship – The woman didn’t win!  I guess I was most surprised because I thought her cake looked best.  Obviously, we can’t taste them, which is a major issue with the show.  And yes, I did notice that two people used Thin Mints in the first challenge.  Didn’t work out so well for them.  But the Samoa cookies are my second favorites (may be first these days), so I am always happy to see them represented like they were in the second part of the challenge.

The Flash – I really don’t remember the search for Sue until the middle of this season, but they acted like it was something we should have remembered.  I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her since she got the cliffhanger, but I’m curious how she is going to play into the rest of the season.  And what is the deal with Iris?  Who/what is she?  And how long will the real Iris be in the mirror?  How much trouble is Barry going to be in if he doesn’t figure it out?

Legends of Tomorrow – It’s obvious they are still writing around characters being on the crossovers (including Arrow’s finale) with how little Barry was in The Flash and Sara and Mick were in this episode.  But the writers are doing a good job of writing around it and giving the other characters great stories to show them off.  Loved new Zari and Marie.  I wonder how long it will be before she or Nick remember the truth.  Meanwhile, I was not impressed with the Constantine story.  This was what I feared when he joined the show last year.  It’s finally happening.

Survivor – If you start talking to everyone, sharing secrets, and targeting everyone on the beach, you will be voted out.  Seriously, what was Danni thinking?  Even I know that.  Of course, at some point, you do need to make a move and try to take out the big players, but that isn’t the way you go about doing it.

LegoMasters – Sam and Jessica did very well this week, which was nice to see.  And those were some very impressive and creative builds.  I would never have come up with half of that.  Personally, I thought the telescope was the best of the lot.  And I loved what they came up with for the laptop.

Carol’s Second Act – I’m not sure where they are going with Carol and the surgeon.  I feel like it is too soon and they are moving too fast for this to be a relationship to invest in.  I kind of like the guy, so that bums me out.  And speaking of downers, I did not see the twist with the patient coming.  They handled it well, especially for a comedy, but what a gut punch.

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