Sunday, February 23, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Pirates of the Caribbean - Crests of the Kingdom - 2019 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great, classic crest for Pirates
Cons: Inside picture looks especially cartoony
The Bottom Line:
Crest for a pirate
Inside pic too cartoony
But crest is classic

This Crest Tells a Tale

Last year, Disneyland had a series of pins that created old fashioned crests for many of their popular attractions.  I discovered the series about half way through the year, and back collected the ones that were out yet.  I can’t tell you for sure when the pin for Pirates of the Caribbean came out, but if it wasn’t out when I discovered the series, I could have predicted they’d do a crest for this perpetually popular ride.

The front of these pins looks a bit plain, which may be one reasons why the pins haven’t been as popular as I thought they’d be.  They are a uniform gray color.  However, they are three dimensional, which helps tell the story.  Plus, it helps with the illusion that these are crests and not just a normal pin.

Anyway, the front of this pin is pretty much what you’d expect for a bin inspired by Disney Pirates.  Featured in the center of the pin is a skull with a bandana across its forehead.  There are a couple of swords crisscrossed behind it.  Around the scroll are the Latin words “Homines mortuos non fabulam narrare.”  (Yes, I did figure out thy were using real Latin on these pins, which makes me love them even more.)  No surprise that this translates to “Men dead no stories tell” if we are going with the literal word for word translation.

These pins are all hinged, with a color illustration inside.  The color picture is on a circle, and it depicts the scene of the skeleton in the middle of the piles of ill-gotten treasure.  It’s a bit too cartoony.  It’s weird because all of these pins have cartoony pictures for the background, but this one seems more so than most.

That’s my only complaint with this pin, however.  I especially love the front.  It’s not especially surprising given everything Disney has produced for this ride, but I’m okay with that.  In fact, I think it would have been disappointing if they had tried something different.

So I’m glad I added the Pirates of the Caribbean Crest to my pin collection.  I just hope by telling you a tale about it, I haven’t put myself in danger.

Take a look at my pictures of this pin on Instagram.

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