Friday, January 29, 2021

January 29th's Book Beginning and Friday 56

Welcome to another Friday.  We are enjoying some much needed rain here in Southern CA.  I'm enjoying hearing it come down from inside my condo.  Since I'm working from home, I know I don't have to be out in it tomorrow, which is a wonderful feeling.

But enough of that.  Time for Book Beginning and Friday 56.

This week, I'm featuring The Sharpest Needle by Renee Patrick.

This is the fourth Lillian Frost and Edith Head mystery, set in 1939 Hollywood.  It's available in ebook form, and comes out in hardcover on Tuesday.  I'll have my review up on Tuesday.

Here's how the book begins:

The camel was preparing to spit.

And, jumping head to 56% into the book, we find this exchange:

"There must be a phone in this mausoleum," he said, wincing at his word choice.
I fought through the fog in my head.  "What?"
"Time to call the police."
The thought took me a moment to articulate.  "No.  I'll call them.  You were never here."

So many questions.  Why was he never there?  Will they get away with it?  Why are they calling the police in the first place?

As I said, my review will be up on Tuesday, so I hope you'll stop back by then to read what I thought of the book.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.


  1. I love both of those quotes, they immediately pulled me in! I mean, who will the camel spit at? Why is 'mausoleum' an inappropriate word choice? Was there a murder?! I'll definitely come check back in for the review on Tuesday! I hope you have a lovely weekend and do drop by my Friday Post if you have the time! - Juli @ A Universe in Words

  2. Intriguing 56!! Gross beginning! LOL Happy weekend!

  3. A camel in Hollywood? Okay, now I have to hear what this is about.

    This time of year the rains head east, so I'm sure we'll see some soon here in AZ.

  4. Sounds good! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me