Friday, January 1, 2021

Reading Challenge: Foodie Reads 2021

I don't see myself stopping reading culinary cozies in the coming year, so I will continue to participate in Foodie Reads.  This isn't so much a challenge as anyone who enjoys reading books about food sharing that love.  There are no goals or levels, so it's very chill.

I'll list the books below as I finish them.

1. A Batter of Life and Death by Ellie Alexander
2. Crime of the Ancient Marinara by Stephanie Cole
3. A Pairing to Die For by Kate Lansing
4. Smothered by G. P. Gottlieb
5. Long Island Iced Tina by Maria DiRico
6. Shucked Apart by Barbara Ross
7. A Side of Murder by Amy Pershing

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