Sunday, January 24, 2021

Disney Pin Review: Plan for a Vacation Day - Celebrate Today #1 - 2020 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun pin to start series
Cons: The irony
The Bottom Line:
Goofy plans a trip
Reminding us to do same
Ironic timing

Starting the Year with an Ironic Celebration

Oh 2020.  Little did we know a year ago what the year would bring.  In fact, a year ago, I was planning a vacation of my own.  But it makes the first pin in Disney’s Celebrate Today limited edition series, released in 2020, especially ironic.

Each pin in this series was made to celebrate the random holidays that people have made up and celebrate on various days during the year.  You know, those fun days that you see popping up every so often.  The first pin in the series was themed for Plan a Vacation Day, which is the fourth Tuesday of January.

The pin itself is a squarish shape.  It shows a picture of Goofy and his son, Max.  Max is wearing a vest of some sort.  It looks like it is inflated and very uncomfortable.  Goofy has his arm around Max, and they are looking at a map to plan out their road trip.  In the bottom right corner is a small square with the date January 28 on it, which was the date that Plan a Vacation day was in 2020.  For those keeping track, this year it will be January 26.

I have to laugh at the irony of them picking this day to represent January in a pin series for 2020.  I get it, they had no way to know, but considering how the year turned out, this is funny.

But I get why they chose this day.  Vacationing on Disney property is a big deal for many people, so this is a very Disney thing to celebrate.

And the pin itself looks great.  I love the idea of Goofy and Max planning a road trip together, and the fact that Max doesn’t look so sure about the idea actually makes it even funnier to me.  I do wish the date were a little easier to see.  It’s silver and shiny, so it reflects the light.  Actually, this is a problem I have with all of the pins in the set, so it’s not just this pin.

Fortunately, these pins can be enjoyed any year, not just in 2020.  So track down Plan a Vacation today so you can be reminded to celebrate today every year.

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