Saturday, January 2, 2021

January 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

 It's the in between week.  I'm actually a little surprised I had as much TV as I did because the week between Christmas and New Years is usually dead.  There will be more coming back or starting next week, however, and I think it is only going to get fuller from here.

But that's the future.  Here's what I did watch this week.

Christmas Caroler Challenge (12/25) – I wasn’t ready for Christmas to be over, so I was glad I hadn’t watched this when it aired last week.  I’m thrilled the Sugar Plums won.  I’d been enjoying them all along, and they were my favorite of the teams left.  Although Snow Problem grew on me in this episode.  Plus, I do love the pun in their name.

LA’s Finest – I went ahead and watched both of the final two episodes in season 1 tonight.  I just couldn’t wait any longer.  (An advantage of having Spectrum, the company that created the show.)  I couldn’t figure out what that woman in the bar was all about until she showed up again.  Couldn’t believe I had forgotten that storyline.  As much as I had issues with Izzy this season, I loved her in this episode – yelling out clues when she was kidnapped, and then working hard to rescue herself in the second.  Glad things are wrapped up for this storyline so successfully, and that scene at the hospital was fantastic.  Yes, I struggled to get into the show, but I will be back for season 2 (On Demand since I don’t think Fox intends to air it.)

Tell Me a Story – No big connections between the stories at the end, just the connections we’ve had all season.  But what a great finale.  So much drama.  So much mayhem.  So many twists.  And yet, so many happy endings.  Well, except for the final moments, which were incredibly creepy and a perfect ender for the season.  I did have to wonder why everyone was at Ashley's concert and no one seemed concerned about her missing siblings - even though they talked about the missing sister earlier in the episode.  Even with that, I enjoyed it.  Definitely stronger than the first season overall.  I’m glad I stuck with the show.

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