Saturday, January 9, 2021

January 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 First week of the year, and TV is back in full force.  Well, as full force as it gets right now anyway.

Call Me Kat (Sunday) – I know I say this all the time, and it is true – you can’t judge a show by its pilot.  So I will give this one another chance.  But I wasn’t overly impressed with this pilot.  It had some fun moments, and I got used to the breaking of the fourth wall pretty quickly.  I want to like the characters, but I feel like Kat could be more embarrassing than funny.

Supermarket Sweep – The first run had some obvious winners.  They had so much extra time.  I was surprised it took them so long to find what they needed at the end; I thought they had the top prize in the bag.  In the second round, the team made a good call not to move on.  They struggled with those clues.  Not that I would have done much better.

Ellen’s Game of Games – A double dose this week.  There’s a reason I don’t go on the show.  I have a fear of heights, too, so I would not do well at Know or Go.  However, the roller coaster game looks like fun to me.  I was surprised they didn’t dump the slime on the guy who won that challenge in the first hour.  That’s a creative and fun new game.  The new guessing game in the second episode seems a little simple.  Especially since they just blast people with air.  I was impressed with how the second team almost game back in the acting round after getting nothing in the first round.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – So many thoughts!  I’m sad that they had to write Joan out of the show, but I get that the actress made another commitment that wasn’t supposed to interfere but did.  I feel like they could bring her back at some point in the future if schedules aligned.  I’m surprised she made a choice – but very happy at the same time.  I was on Team Max from the beginning.  The show was so emotional overall, but I feel like it was handling grief well.  So often on a show we move on except for a few mentions, but this was tackling it head on.  I appreciated that.  I hope it’s not a major theme of every episode, however.

Mr. Mayor – I gave it both episodes that aired this week, but I’m out.  It has amusing moments, but it was more cringe than laugh, and I don’t want to continue.  I gave it a shot because of Ted Danson, but not even he can save this one.

Call Me Kat (Thursday) – You know what I just said about Mr. Mayor?  It applies here as well, but somehow, I find this show charming enough to keep watching.  I may give it up at some point, but I’m finding it sweet and amusing, and I want to keep watching.

Last Man Standing – While I don’t normally watch this show, I had to tune in to see Tim playing both of his characters.  I found it odd.  Tim Taylor just didn’t seem like himself.  However, I did enjoy some of the jokes about Home Improvement.

Star Trek: Discovery – I’m glad that Tyler’s secret is out, although that explanation is interesting.  Clever way to smuggle the information they needed, too.  Overall, the show just seems a bit slow.  Or maybe it is how this is being dragged out with so many interruptions.

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