Saturday, January 23, 2021

January 23rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Batwoman – They did a decent job of introducing the new Batwoman and giving her a reason to want to take down Alice.  And they last few people who didn’t know now know about Kate.  They’ve also set it up nicely so she can be dead if they need her to be or come up with a way for her to still be alive.  I doubt they were planning to get ride of “Bruce” so quickly, but with other stories to tell this season they had to get rid of that cliffhanger.  Be curious to see where it goes.

Card Sharks – That first round was very close, with people freezing and not getting too greedy.  I appreciate the fact that the person who lost did try to go on and win herself instead of making the other person do it.  And the winner won lots of money.  The second game couldn’t have been more different.  A run away first round and then lots of wrong guesses in the money cards.  Funny how that works sometimes.

Ellen’s Game of Games – At least Ah Snap was a bit closer this week, but still fairly lopsided.  They did lots of spinning games this week and none where anyone got messy.  And yes, after my comments last week, I have to comment that not only did we have a guy on Know or Go, but he wound up winning the top prize.  Can’t remember the last time someone won the $100K, honestly.

The Weakest Link – That was a bad performance all around.  Everyone seemed to struggle with questions, and there were quite a few misses in the final round.  Clearly, they were all pretty nervous.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – They put Zoey and Max on a break already?  I’m actually rather surprised by that.  Although I suspected Max was the cause of her singing.  Max’s song at the end was perfect, but my favorite performance of the night was “Hard Knocks Life.”  What can I say – I love Annie.  And they did a great fun arrangement of it.

Call Me Kat – I think I might be tiring of this one already.  While I appreciated them bonding during therapy, she is still so over the top harsh I don’t find her fun.  And I didn’t appreciate the “Mary Jane” storyline either.  Usually, I don’t find that kind of thing funny.

Star Trek: Discovery – Was it just me, or did much of that final fight seem fake.  Everyone looked computer generated.  That was really throwing me off.  Glad we’ve left this alternative universe behind, but it is going to be very interesting to see how they resolve things with only two episodes left in the season.  And yes, I am going to have to prepare myself for a cliffhanger I’m never going to get resolved.  I’d watch more for free, but I don’t see myself paying for the rest of the show.

WandaVision – I’m sure they were just going for something weird with the twins since they introduced so much weirdness, but I was getting extra laughs out of the show since so many times on TV people’s pregnancies aren’t remotely realistic.  I got a big kick out of that.  They really ramped up the mysteries.  Oh, and I loved the clothes and hair and sets.  The 70’s details were spot on.

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