Sunday, February 14, 2021

Book Review: Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox by Michael Buckley (Finniverse Series #1)

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Strong action and imagination
Cons: A cliched character
The Bottom Line:
Fantasy story
That keeps the action moving
Kids will enjoy it

Traveling the Galaxy via…a Lunchbox?

It’s been a few years since I last read one of Michael Buckley’s books, so when I saw he was starting a new series, I was thrilled.  Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox is as crazy as it sounds.

You see, Finn is a typical almost twelve-year-old.  He’s got a younger sister who annoys him, he’s struggling to make friends at his new school, he’s being picked on by a bully, and he has a crush on a classmate.  His life changes when he accidentally takes his sister’s lunchbox to school one day.  When it starts to glow, he discovers that it’s become a portal to another part of our galaxy.  On, and this portal is the key to a battle against a race called The Plague that destroys planets.  With The Plague now looking at Earth as their next target, Finn is going to have to come up with some kind of plan to save the world.

Yes, this book is just as wild as it sounds.  Even more so since I didn’t mention the seven-foot-tall robot that is also a major character.  The book was a bit too end of the world for me at times, but that’s a matter of personal taste and a small issue.

A bigger issue to me was one character that was a cliché.  I appreciate the attempts to develop him and the growth we saw, but I still had to roll my eyes at him.

It’s a shame since the rest of the characters are good.  The action keeps the rest of them from being fully developed, but they were developed enough for us to care.

And the creativity that went into this book is fantastic.  There is plenty of fun to be had here as Finn discovers there is so much more to the universe than we ever suspected.

If you are looking for a book for a reluctant reader, this is one to consider.  The story is fast paced with enough twists and surprises to keep the pages turning.

Oh, and we get a cliffhanger that sets up the next one in the series.

Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox is a wild ride filled with twists and imagination.  Kids will eat it up and be ready for Finn’s next improbable adventure.

This review is part of this week's Marvelous Middle Grade Monday.


  1. Great to see you at MMGM, Mark! I know you love MG mysteries as we readers of this blog do. I will check out your recommendation. Beth

  2. This sounds like a really good book for reluctant readers, though sorry you didn't find the characters too well developed.

  3. Thanks for the recommend on this week's MMGM. I was pretty much hooked with the title and your review convinced me even more to give this one a go.

  4. I like a wacky fun story -- kids need humor! Natalie is right, reluctant readers will enjoy this story.

  5. This sounds like a really fun story! It's a shame that one character is clichéd, but considering the magical lunchbox and the 7-foot-tall robot, I don't think most readers will notice! Thanks for the great review!

  6. Well the title sure got my attention -- an intergalactic lunchbox. Very clever. Thanks for the review.


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