Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Movie Review: Terminal Descent - A Crossword Mystery

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun mystery movie
Cons: Light does of cheese
The Bottom Line:
Elevator crash
Becomes murder mystery
In light, fun movie

“I’m Saying You…Grow on People.”  “Oh, So I’m a Fungus Now.”

Modern technology is wonderful.  Not only does it make our lives easier, but it also gives mystery writers creative new ways to kill off people.  We got one of those in Terminal Descent, the newest Crossword Mystery Movie from Hallmark.

Tess (Lacey Chabert) has agreed to a crossword puzzle competition against a computer.  While several people seem to think she will lose handily, she is happy to do it because she thinks it will be fun.  Morgan Daniels (Lochlyn Munro), the founder of XCal Technology, is happy with the publicity this competition will give his company and their new artificial intelligence computer.

Tess heads over to the company’s offices a few days before the competition to meet everyone.  As she is about to leave, Morgan gets on the building’s elevator.  It is high tech and voice activated.  But then it malfunctions and Morgan plunges to his death.  A few things that Tess observed help out police detective Logan (Benjamin Elliot) in his investigation.  But did the elevator just malfunction?  Or was it sabotaged?

I always enjoy it when writers get creative with a murder method, which is what happens here.  Of course, once the murder happens, the motives start to look very familiar.  Yes, they do explain how the murder happens, but the focus is on the suspects and why they might have wanted to kill Morgan.  There are enough suspects and twists to keep the viewer engaged until the logical end.

This series seems to suffer from more turn over in the supporting cast that normal.  Yes, Tess’s aunt and Logan’s dad are still around, but the rest of the supporting players are new.  Not that I’m complaining since I liked them.  Hopefully, we will see some consistency in future movies.

Of course, this movie does come with the standard Hallmark movie cheese warning.  Fortunately, it is a light dose, so fans of these movies probably won’t even notice.

Terminal Descent is another fun Hallmark mystery movie.  If you are looking for a light mystery to enjoy for a couple of hours, this is the movie for you.

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