Thursday, February 4, 2021

Book Review: Bone Canyon by Lee Goldberg (Eve Ronin #2)

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Eve, strong mystery
Cons: Some characters could be more fully developed
The Bottom Line:
Bones left in canyon
Open missing person case
Twists and a strong lead

Burning Need to Solve a Cold Case

I really enjoyed last year’s debut in the Eve Ronin series, so I was looking forward to seeing what case she would tackle next.  I’m happy to say that Bone Canyon is another great book.

A recent wildfire in the Santa Monica mountains has had a surprising side effect.  The bodies of several people dead for many years have started to be found since the brush that’s been hiding them is no longer around.  Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Eve Ronin and her partner, Duncan Pavone, have landed the most recent one of these cold cases.  Their case proves to be complicated when they identify the body as that of a twenty-something who vanished several years before.  As they begin to investigate, they make several startling discoveries.  What exactly lead to her murder?

As a fan of Lee Goldberg’s books, I wasn’t at all surprised when this one takes off in some surprising directions.  In fact, I’m being vague in my teaser on purpose so I don’t accidentally spoil anything.  It’s worth discovering where the book goes on its own.  I can promise you twists, action, and a wonderful climax.  I was surprised several times along the way.

Eve herself is a very interesting character.  She’s complex and grows over the course of the story.  She’s also facing an interesting personal choice, made even more interesting by the fact that Lee has spent years writing for Hollywood.  Eve’s partner is just as well developed and interesting.  I did find some of the other characters a bit flatter than I would have liked.  Maybe it is because I disagreed with some of what they were doing, and their motives for their actions weren’t completely clear.

If you are familiar with some of Lee’s other books, you’ll spot some inside jokes and running gags that have appeared in other things he’s written.  The book is serious in tone overall, as it should be considering the case that Eve is investigating, but these lighter moments were fantastic.

Speaking of tone, this is definitely not one of my typical cozies.  There is foul language, violence, and sex here.  If you try to avoid that in the books you read, you’ll want to avoid this book.  But if those things don’t turn you off to a book, you’ll definitely line this one.

Bone Canyon is a worthy second case for Eve Ronin.  If you enjoy a fast paced, twisty mystery, you’ll be glad you picked up this book.


  1. Great review. I need to read Lee’s books.

  2. Glad you enjoyed this one too. You're right, it's definitely not cozy.