Saturday, February 27, 2021

February 27th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Batwoman – So we will spend a couple of episodes chasing this painting now – at least we know who has it.  And we’ve got a new mystery in Alice’s past.  With all this emphasis on what happened to Kate, how are we ever going to solve it if the actress is never coming back to the show?  And, to a certain extent, I’d kind of like them to move on at this point.  We know she’s never coming back, let’s really build the new world.  I am definitely torn on this one since I do get what they are trying to do with the returning characters and getting the new Batwoman fully into the show.

The Equalizer – Okay, no surprise that the man was innocent.  It’s rare that we find someone who is truly guilty in a show like this.  Given that, I still enjoyed seeing how the story unfolded and exactly where it went.  I’m sure the detective won’t work with her for too many episodes, but I am loving that dynamic.  And the sub-plot with the daughter wasn’t quite as annoying this week.

Ellen’s Game of Games – Two for the price of one!  I’d forgotten about the slime bucket challenge.  They need to have that more often.  I do feel sorry for the person who couldn’t find her prize in the first round.  And the winner the second hour would just begin to get momentum and then lose it again.  I kept rooting for her, although I wouldn’t have done any better than she did.

Superman & Lois – I think I was surprised at just how somber this show was.  I’m not talking dark like Arrow or Batwoman, but serious.  I guess especially since the producers have been talking about Superman as a symbol of hope.  But there is much I enjoyed here.  I really love Clark and Lois’s relationship.  And I like the fact that they are friends with Lana and her husband.  I hope they don’t mess that up, aka have Lana be hiding feelings for Clark.  And, while I know there will be bumps along the way, I want Lois and Clark to have a firm relationship.  I know we are going to get teen drama with the twins.  I hope it isn’t too bad/predictable.  And the liberal slant has already started as well.  We shall see how bad it gets.

WandaVision – A very different episode.  Drama instead of comedy.  It is certainly interesting to see more of Wanda’s backstory, and I loved how they worked in scenes from a few of the shows they were drawing inspiration from.  But it felt slow, especially after the quicker pace of the earlier episodes.  I can certainly understand why Wanda did what she did, however.  And it definitely looks like she was being manipulated into creating this world.

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