Saturday, February 20, 2021

February 20th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 Batgirl – I’m a bit conflicted about this episode.  On the one hand, they are right, and it has been pointed out over and over again that one white women make the news and inspire massive search parties.  On the other hand, I feel like it was delivered as a lecture.  I’m glad that Ryan now has a place to live and more importantly, that she found Kevin.  That was a great scene.

The Equalizer – Another fun episode.  I enjoyed the main story and seeing just how she was going to pull everything off.  I’m already tired of the sub-plots with the daughter, however.  Completely predictable and a little boring.  I get why she is there, but I hope they start to truly do more with her, and something interesting, soon.

Ellen’s Game of Games – The strategy of ganging up on one person didn’t work on the roller coaster game.  Very close at the end, but I was happy to see $100K given out.

Young Rock & Kenan – My quest to find a new sitcom led me to these two shows on NBC.  Young Rock was ... interesting.  Kenan was a bit too painful for me.  I didn’t laugh at all in the first one.  I had a couple of grins in the second.  I gave them a try because I like the people behind them (The Rock and Kenan), but they really didn’t work for me.  Both are one and dones for me, and this is despite how I always talk about giving a show time to find itself.  Both did well in the ratings, so I will be rooting on the shows to succeed for those involved, but I won’t be watching.

WandaVision – I’d read theories that Agnus was really behind it.  But who is she?  How does she tie in to the plot to revive Vision?  Still so many questions?  I’m not a fan of The Office or most other multi camera comedies, so I’m sure there were lots of jokes and nods I didn’t get in this episode, but at this point, I’m so drawn into the world and wondering what is going on that I don’t care.

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