Monday, February 22, 2021

Ornament Review: Tea Time! #5 - Reindeer - 2020 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great looking set
Cons: Final in the series
The Bottom Line:
This reindeer tea set
Makes festive series ender
Two ornament set

Enjoy a Final Tea Time with a Reindeer

In recent years, Hallmark has started announcing that some of their ornament series will run for a limited number of years.  We’ve always known that the Tea Time! series would end after five years, so it wasn’t a surprised that 2020 was the fine ornament set.  Fortunately, we got a great final entry.

This year, the theme of the tea set is reindeer.  The tea pot ornament is one of Santa’s reindeer.  He’s dressed in a green harness with bells on it.  He’s wearing a Santa hat to keep warm.  Of course, he’s standing on his two back legs, and one of his legs is the spout.  The handle is another part of his harness.

The second ornament in this series is the cup.  This cup is designed to look like a bell, or, really, half of a bell.  If you chopped a bell in half, that’s what you’d get here.  It’s a gold cup, and there are designs like the sides of a bell.  The handle matches the reindeer’s harness.  Inside the cup, you can see a warm beverage with a fun design of milk in a star pattern on the top.

As always, this set is cute.  If I collected tea pots, I’d be tempted to get a set like this in real life to have at Christmas.  Since I don’t drink tea or have the room for a collection like that, it’s nice to have this set in smaller, ornament size.  (Not that I have room for all the ornaments I buy either, but that’s another story.)

Since this looks like a tea pot and a tea cup, I’m sure it is no surprise that the ornaments stand on their own.  In a rarity, Hallmark put white ribbon through the loops on both ornaments.  Both pieces are perfectly balanced so they hang straight.  And you’ll find the five in a Christmas tree on the bottom of both pieces.

This has been a fun series.  While I’m sure there are many more ideas that could have been done, these five ornaments were great.  If you were collecting Tea Time!, you’ll be happy with the final entry in the series.

Enjoy more Tea Time! in ornament form.

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