Saturday, September 10, 2022

September 10th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – The family edition was fun.  I do have to wonder how a couple of those families made it (I guess they didn’t have any one else to compete.)  But it was good overall.  The teams I was rooting for made the Power Tower rounds but didn’t win, but I would have been okay with any of those teams winning.

Stargirl – I’m interested to see where they are going with Cindy and Starman.  Actually, more interested in that than the murder mystery.  It might help if I could remember who the victim is.  It’s just been so long since season one – or at least my mind hasn’t retained who he was.

The Challenge USA – I was really rooting for Tyson to wind up in the arena.  Yes, the egos on the show are really getting to me.  It will be interesting to see who winds up winning it all next week.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – This show just isn’t doing it for me.  There are some lines I enjoy, but it just isn’t that entertaining.  The guest star characters are annoying, too.

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