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Ornament Review: Joe Cool #2 - Spotlight on Snoopy #6 - 2003 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Cool and festive party look
Cons: Basically duplicate idea, one visible flaw
The Bottom Line:
Joe Cool and Christmas
They seem to over like this
Party animal

Joe Cool is Back and Ready to Party Like It's 2003

As much as I have enjoyed the Spotlight on Snoopy series over the years, I do feel like they could do a slightly better job in the creativity department.  Take this entry, for example.  It's the sixth in the series, but once again we've got Snoopy as Joe Cool.  That was the theme from the first year.  And they don't call it anything slightly different to help with the confusion.  The good news, however, is that it looks different and is still fun.

The first time we got Joe Cool, Snoopy was dressed as Santa.  This time, he looks ready for a Christmas party.  He's wearing a red tux over a white shirt and black pants.  It must be a black tie affair because he's got one of those as well.  There's a red top hat.  And he wouldn't be Joe Cool without his sun glasses.  Rounding out the outfit, Snoopy's got a red and white striped cane.

As always, Woodstock is by Snoopy's side.  Because he's so small, they didn't do too much in the way of costuming.  He is wearing a bow tie and holding a candy cane cane of his own.

It's the details that make this ornament for me.  Where the lapels would be on Snoopy's tux jacket is an area covered in glitter.  It's not too showy and doesn't come off in your hand.  But it is classy.  This isn't one of the ornaments where they hide the year of release somewhere.  Instead, the 2003 is on his foot along with the 6 reminding you which number of release it was.

Speaking of feet, they really only have one for the ornament to balance on here since Snoopy is standing with one foot crossed in front of the other.  Given that, the ornament still balances remarkably well.  I'm guessing that Woodstock on one side and the cane on the other help with that.

The hook to hang the ornament is right at the front on Snoopy's hat.  Again, things are balanced perfectly, so he hangs straight.

Looking at it straight on, the ornament looks flawless.  However, when you turn it a little, you find the only real flaw.  The stripes on Snoopy's cane don't go all the way around.  It almost looks like the cane was two pieces that were put together, but they didn't get in and touch them up when they were finished.  That's the only flaw in the design.

I can never quite decide if Snoopy is ready to go to a party or maybe start doing some Christmas tap dancing in this outfit.  Either way, I do like the second Joe Cool despite the fact that it is a repeated name and theme.

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