Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13th's Book Beginnings and Friday 56

Our second month in a row with a Friday the 13th in it.  Just thought I'd point that out as we begin settle down for this week's Book Beginnings and Friday 56.

This week's book is Puzzled Indemnity by Parnell Hall.

This is the fourteenth book in the Puzzle Lady series, which centers around Cora, the famous Puzzle Lady, and the murders she gets involved with that seem to include crossword puzzles, Sudokus, and occasionally, other types of puzzles.

So, let's get to how this particular book begins.

Cora Felton looked out the window and proclaimed, "I hate winter."
"That's nothing new," Sherry Carter said.  "You also hate spring, summer, and fall.  They're too hot, too wet, too windy, as I recall.  Though not in that order."

And jumping ahead of page 56, we get this bit.

Crowley's office was just as Cora had remembered it.  Bare walls, cluttered desk, no place to sit unless you were a perp.  Cora had been a perp the first time she was there, so she knew the routine.  She sat on the metal folding chair, tried to look innocent.  It had been easier when she was actually guilty.

Intrigued?  You're in luck.  My review is posted.


  1. Replies
    1. It is. A good puzzle and lots of fun along the way.

  2. I love page 56. Easier when you are actually guilty. Makes me want to read the find out more.

  3. I laughed the minute I saw the cover! This is a must read. He sounds like such a pessimist and she found it easier to look innocent when she was guilty. Sounds like a puzzler with a lot of laughs!

    My 56 -

  4. I've seen these but have never tried them. I may have to now. :-) Click on my name to read mine!

  5. Cozies are such fun to read and I love doing crossword puzzles, so count me in. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmentalFriday Memes

  6. This sounds interesting and I love the 56! Makes me wonder what she did when she was actually guilty!

  7. Funny beginning! I've known people who are never happy with the weather - no matter what season it is. The Puzzle Lady sounds like a fun character.
    My Friday post features WHAT WE KEEP.

  8. That beginning has good humor, I hope the rest of the book does too.
    Happy weekend!

  9. I'm not familiar with this series but it really sounds interesting. Thanks for this!