Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Once Upon a Time is back!!!  Yep, that's pretty much the highlight of my TV week.

Once Upon a Time – So glad to have this show back, and they came back with a bang.  Moved some things forward, resolved a few others, and left me with many questions.  Can’t wait for the next episode!  In the meantime, here’s my full recap.

Agents of SHIELD – I really was hoping the show would get back on something resembling normal ground when it returned.  I don’t know why because they haven’t gone anywhere normal all season.  And I know this show is set in a fantasy universe with the Avengers, so I just can’t figure out why this season isn’t really working for it, but it isn’t.

Melissa & Joey – Definitely some good lines that truly made me laugh.  Not sure where the story with this professor is going to go.  And I can’t believe that Joe fell for his daughter’s lies.  I mean, really, it just didn’t sound believable to me, but maybe that’s because it was a TV show and I knew how things were going to go.

Baby Daddy – I loved how they brought everything together in the end – twice – with so many great laughs.  Such a great moment at the end, too.  I’m not sure I buy the premise, but I don’t care because I had such fun getting there.

Survivor – I was very happy with you won.  I was getting a very creepy vibe from him, almost like I did from Coach.  I’m not sure I could have survived a full season of him.  I see where the rest of the tribe is coming from, but I really do feel sorry for the deaf woman.  I can feel isolated very easily, so I get her hurt.

Suits – Obviously, I missed Donna’s case getting thrown out last week, and I spent some of the episode wondering why they weren’t dealing with that.  It was nice to see another story get wrapped up.  But next year is going to be very interesting after that ending.  And I’m thrilled for Mike and Rachel!

Big Bang Theory – Second show this month with a mission to Mars theme on it.  Just an interesting little note there.  However, line of the night has to go to Bernadette for her line about really liking Emily even before Emily found out about Raj snooping.

Odd Couple – Again, they brought in some earned tender moments at the end but after plenty of laughs.  I’m not sure this has earned a place on a favorites list, but it still an enjoyable show.

Amazing Race – I always hate it when travel arrangements, especially those outside of a team’s control, influence the end of the game, so I was thrilled this was a non-elimination leg.  Oh, and the nurse from the doctor/nurse blind date team?  Still can’t stand her.  I’m sure he feels the same way.  And even with all that drama, so many of the teams finished all at the same time.  But I do wonder why the one guy proposed now and not later in the race.  Still, I’m happy for them.

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