Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Once Upon a Time – So, if Mal put Aurora in the sleeping spell before Snow White even grew up, how was she still in it or back in it unaged when the rest of the realm went to Storybrooke?  Other than that paradox, I really did enjoy the episode, as you can see from my recap here.

Dancing with the Stars – We are off to another great start, although it is well past time for Derek to get an older less athletic woman.  Still, the early favorites seem to be doing well, so this should be another fun season to watch.

Castle – The mystery was a bit convoluted, but I enjoyed the episode over all.  Character bits were fairly predictable, but it really was still fun.  Full recap here.

The Flash – Mind officially blown.  I have no clue how they are going to resolve things, even with just that little bit of time travel involved.  The last act was just so remarkable I couldn’t look away.

Agents of SHIELD – You know, Skye’s father isn’t turning out to be the nice guy I thought he was.  In fact, I can’t quite tell what side he’s on or what is goal is at all.  But those last few minutes.  Another SHIELD?  And HYDRA?  I don’t know whose side to be on at this point.

Arrow – So they didn’t quite go with the easy character stuff I thought we might see on the show tonight, but I’m not sure why I’m surprised.  They haven’t been doing any easy character stuff all season.  And I love the show for it!  That battle at the police station was pretty spectacular, that’s for sure.

Melissa & Joey – Ryder is back!  I going to focus on that because all the talk about making babies was a bit more than I was looking for.

Baby Daddy – So telling us they were closing out the love triangle was clearly just a ploy since obviously they have no desire to do that at all.  Still, I did enjoy the episode, especially Tucker’s sub-plot.

Survivor – Things got very crazy when they switched up the tribes the second hour.  I was a little surprised they did that, although I shouldn’t have been with how far into the season they were.  We had fairly equal teams before this, and we don’t any more.  I’m a little surprised they decided to vote out Max at the end since he was one of their better chances to win challenges.  Without that, they are going to keep losing.  Would probably happen anyway, but now I think they are really doomed, but we shall see in the weeks to come.  Oh, and that first hour?  I’m actually on the side of the woman who was voted out.  While that jerk is right, his attitude is completely sexist.  Doesn’t make him wrong, just makes him and the rest of the men he’s talking about sexist.  I’d really like to see him gone, but I have a feeling they are working to make him a villain of the season.

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