Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Off to my first mud of of the year today!!  Meanwhile, here are my TV thought for the week.

Once Upon a Time – I’m so surprised they already told us Mary Margaret and David’s big secret.  We don’t have all the details, but we have enough to them.  It’s obvious that Emma is going to go dark at some point, but the question is how dark?  So far, I’m really loving this back half of the season.  You can read my full recap here.

Agents of SHIELD – And just when I was thinking of giving up, they produce a fun episode like this one with great character moments and plenty of action that didn’t seem weirdly over the top.  A show like this I could keep getting behind.  Hope it continues.

Melissa & Joey – I really thought Joe’s daughter would be sticking around longer – like through what will turn out to be the end of the series.  Oh well, that was a great storyline while she was there, and it looks like Ryder is back from making movies, I mean New Orleans, next week.

Baby Daddy – So I thought they were going to resolve the love triangle early in the season, but they seem to have dropped it.  Still, there was plenty to laugh at in this episode.  And I want to vacation in that “condo.”

Survivor – As much as I know the deaf woman is shooting herself in the foot with her behavior, I sympathize.  Been there done that too many times in my life.  Still, I hope she gets things straightened out fairly quickly.  Not too surprised by who they sent home this week since he’d keep being a handicap at challenges.

Big Bang Theory – I’m so with Leonard on this one, and Sheldon’s attitude would infuriate me, too.  However, Howard’s last line of the episode was classic as was how everyone played it off.  Heck, if they’d wanted, they could have had Bernadette’s actress doing Mrs. W’s lines and kept the character alive.

The Odd Couple – Oscar sure can pick them, can’t he?  I like the heart underneath his character.  And I didn’t miss Dave Foley’s character in the slightest.

Amazing Race – You can tell which teams are falling apart pretty easily, and it isn’t that surprising that it is the Blind Date teams.  They just don’t have the relationship to deal with the stress of the race.  The elimination was pretty much a non-factor this leg.  It almost makes you wonder why they didn’t just eliminated them last time except they probably pick the non-elimination legs before hand.

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