Saturday, June 30, 2018

June 30th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Caught up now, not that it was that hard.

Take Two (6/21) – Okay, so the writing wasn’t the best, and it had a higher element of cheese than I’m used to for the networks.  But it was still a lot of fun.  I loved the dig at cop shows (like Castle) and what the actresses wear.  The mystery was pretty good.  I laughed several times.  I’ll definitely stick with it.  It looks like a fun summer show.

American Ninja Warrior – Wow, three women finishers.  And that was not an easy course, either, although the balance obstacle was much better than the blocks from last week.  The guy running it with one artificial leg was almost enough to get me to start searching for Ninja gyms so I could start training.  Almost.  But I was able to quell that urge.  It was close, however.

Take Two (6/28) – Just as much fun as the pilot.  And the second assistant could be a hoot if she sticks around.  I was wondering how they would keep this going, and now we’ve got at least six months of cases before we have to worry about the premise any more.  The acting seemed a bit better, and the mystery was very well done.

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  1. The women ninjas are becoming a factor! Love seeing so many of them doing well.

    Am also enjoying Take Two. As you say, it's fun.