Sunday, September 20, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Peter Pan's Flight - Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction #6 - 2020 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Captures the spirit of Peter Pan’s Flight
Cons: Cons are codfish
The Bottom Line:
Fly to Neverland
As Minnie visits the ride
Starry three pin set

These Pins Have an Extra Touch of Pixie Dust

Of the “dark” rides in Fantasyland (the rides that take you into one of the movies), Peter Pan’s Flight is always the most popular.  Minnie Mouse loves it, too, since she made it a stop on her yearlong tour of the parks, and this pin set is fun.

Minnie just took a quick break from Fantasyland to visit The Enchanted Tiki Room over in Adventureland, but she’s back for a three-month visit, starting with this fun attraction.  I’m one of the many who love soaring over London and Neverland, so I was anxious to get my hands on the set.

Once again, we get a three-pin set.  The first is an icon associated with the ride.  In this case, they’ve gone with the ride vehicle.  We’ve got a pirate ship taking off for flight.  It’s gold since it’s been sprinkled with pixie dust.  The sails are dark blue and light blue stripes, which fit in with the other pins.  The second pin is Minnie, who is decked out in a dark blue with small white polka dot like stars.  Her right ear has two larger stars on it.  The final pin is a set of Minnie ears.  The left ear is a night sky with a glitter like sheen to it.  The right ear again has the two stars in the night background.  Finally, in the bow, is Big Ben with a bit of a cloud in front of it.

Other items released as part of the series feature silhouettes of Peter Pan and the rest flying through the sky.  It would be fun if one of the pins included that, but I get it.  The pins are mostly dark and the characters would be very small.  However, we get the next best thing.  They are flying across the top of the cardboard the pins came on.  I haven’t talked about the cardboard for the pins before, but they are always decorated in a fun way to go along with the pins, but this is the first time I’ve felt they added something major to the set.

Not that I’d be complaining about the pins either way.  As I said earlier, I love this ride, and I love how the pins capture the spirit of the attraction.  I’m not alone since once again these pins have been hot sellers and are hard to find.  But I feel they are worth the hunt.

If you need a touch of pixie dust in your life, you’ll want to hunt down these pins.

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