Sunday, September 13, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Hercules - Windows of Magic - 2019 Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Good pin for a rarely done character
Cons: Something off about his face
The Bottom Line:
Hercules window
Rarer character appears
But looks slightly off

This Pin is Almost Heroic

Disney’s Windows of Magic pin series allowed them to highlight some characters they don’t normally honor with pins.  One of those is Hercules.  Despite the fact that the movie was fairly popular when it came out, I don’t have very many pins featuring the characters, so I was glad to add this pin to my collection.

Each pin in the series features a faux stained-glass window featuring a different Disney hero or heroine.  As is usually the case, Hercules takes up most of the window.  He’s got some lightning bolts in the sky behind him.  The bottom third of the pin features Pegasus, his flying horse.  The frame has his emblem at the very top, and them some designs from the movie leading into Greek columns.

I’m always a bit surprised at just what elements of the movie make it into one of these windows.  In this case, I’m surprised that Phil, his satyr trainer, isn’t here.  Since many of the princes didn’t make it into the princess windows of magic, I’m not as surprised that Meg isn’t here.

What I find disappointing is how the characters we do get look.  Pegasus is more suggestion at the bottom than really represented, which is okay since some of the other supporting characters in these pins have been impressionistic.  But Hercules doesn’t look quite right.  There’s something off about his face.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it is especially noticeable when you first book at the pin.

Even so, this is a good pin or a rarely seen characters.  If you are a fan of Hercules, you’ll be happy to add this pin to your collection.

If you'd like to see the pin, check out the pictures on my Instagram account.

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  1. You're hitting all of my favorites today! Hercules was the first movie I took my daughter to, and I stopped by McDonald's to get her all of the toys while I was getting my Masters degree. Good times! May need to get this pin!