Sunday, September 27, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Splash Mountain - Crests of the Kingdom - 2019 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great crest celebrating a popular attraction
Cons: No cons in my laughing place
The Bottom Line:
Laughter in mountain
Captured with this pin of crest
Attraction I like

This Crest Makes a Splash

Ah, Splash Mountain.  As recently as last year, Disney was still celebrating this attraction as it was originally created.  It even got a pin in the Crests of the Kingdom series.

The crest has the usual pewter front.  It may be monochromatic, but it is raised so it is easy to tell what we are looking at.  We’ve got the outline of the mountain in the background.  Front and center is Br’er Rabbit.  At the top and bottom are the Latin words of the crest.  In this case, it says “Risus Locum Omnis Habet.”  When I put that into my Latin to English translator (aka Google), I come back with “the laughter of the place, everyone has.”  Or, if you don’t take it quite literally, you get “Everybody’s Got a Laughing Place.”

The pin is hinged at the top.  The inside part of the pin is a circle, and it shows a cartooned picture of the final scene in the ride.  In the foreground is a hen singing “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.”  Behind her, you can see the steamboat and some hints at the other characters who are back there singing.  In the background are stripes of orange and yellow.

Even though Splash Mountain took the characters from another favorite ride, America Sings, I’ve always loved it.  I’ll even ride it when I go in the winter because I enjoy the animals, the theming, and the story.  So I love this pin.  It reminds me of all the fun scenes and details in the ride.

Since the limited edition pin was originally released in 2019, you can’t find it at Disneyland or from any official Disney location.  You’ll have to hunt for it from resellers.

Splash Mountain merchandise is going to become real collector’s items as the parks stop selling them.  If you like the ride, now is the time to get this pin for yourself as I’m sure second-hand prices are just going to rise.

If you'd like to see pictures, check out the pictures on my Instagram account.

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