Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Movie Review: Princess Protection Program

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun movie
Cons: Predictable
The Bottom Line:
Princess in danger
Hides in Louisiana
Predictable fun

“A Normal Dad Would Go to a Foreign Country on a Secret Mission and Bring His Daughter a T-Shirt Not a Person.”

I remember being surprised at how popular Princess Protection Program was when it premiered on The Disney Channel back in 2009.  This made for TV movie starred a couple of the Disney Channel stars of the day, which certainly helped.  I was always curious about it but never got around to watching it until they reaired it a couple years ago.  Only how late to the party?  While it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be, I certainly enjoyed it.

As the movie opens, we meet Carter (Selena Gomez), a typical teenager living in Louisiana.  Her father has a not-so-typical job, however.  Joe Mason (Tom Verica) is part of the Princess Protection Program, a top secret organization that helps princesses in need.

That’s how he winds up in a small unknown country in time for a takeover.  He sneaks Princess Rosalinda (Demi Lovato) out of her country, and he winds up bringing her home, where she will pose as Rosie, Carter’s cousin, until the danger passes.

To say the two are opposites is an understatement, and they don’t seem capable of getting along.  Will Rosalinda find a way to fit in at school?  What will the two learn from each other?  And what will happen in Rosalinda’s home country?

Let’s be honest, knowing this is a Disney Channel movie, you can probably predict most of the plot points in this movie right now.  There are a few surprises as to details, but the big pieces are all obvious right away.  But there’s nothing wrong with that because the formula works.  It could be more fun, but it was entertaining enough to keep my attention.  Likewise, the characters aren’t original, but they work for the story and the actors do a good job of bring them to life.

I can see this movie appealing most of pre-teen girls who are still in love with all things princess.  That’s the biggest fantasy about all of this.  The idea that a princess could land in your life and become your friend is fun even if you know it would never really happen.

Of course, part of the popularity originally came from the two lead actresses, who were hot Disney Channel stars at the time.  The movie won’t be quite as popular today just because the actresses aren’t as big as they were then, but those in the target audience looking for a fun movie will still enjoy it.

And that’s what Princess Protection Program is – fun.  For adults it’s mostly forgettable, but for girls this will be a movie they will enjoy watching.

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