Saturday, September 19, 2020

September 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 The biggest TV shows for me this week was that United We Fall was cancelled.  I'm not super surprised, and I have mixed feelings on it.  When the show was on, it could be very funny.  But it was very uneven.  I was hoping it would grow into a lasting funny show, but obviously that was not to be.

It's slim pickings right now, even with Dancing with the Stars coming back.

Dancing with the Stars – Yes, I caved and am watching again.  It certainly feels different without the audience.  I don’t mind the fake clapping and cheering, but the fake booing is a big much, especially when Tyra acts like that is a live audience doing that.  I thought the judges were being a bit harsh at first, but there were some better scores as the night went on.  Definitely a couple early front runners and a couple of early eliminations unless they can turn it around next week.  Stranger things have happened on this show.

American Ninja Warrior – Only one or two surprises tonight.  All the people you’d expect to finish made it.  The biggest shock was the finalist from last year who got eliminated early.  I like the twist on the Power Tower this year – getting to take your entire team with you to the semi-finals.  Since we didn’t hear about it last week, I’m assuming Drew must have being on it.  I really feel sorry for his team since they didn’t make the show as a result.  Love that Chris and Jessie both made it to the buzzer.  And we have one person hit the mega warped wall, too.

Tell Me a Story – Dark.  Definitely dark.  I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t surprised at many of the twists of the episode.  Too much time watching TV.  In fact, I think it would have been a surprise if the brother had gotten away, the cop wasn’t the robber, or the psycho hadn’t killed the mom.  Still, I have no idea how they are going to wrap any of this up.  And yes, I did see the connection with the brother/sister story – their money is supposed to buy the stolen diamonds.

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