Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ornament Review: A Christmas Cookie - Petite Penguins #5 - 2020 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute miniature ornament
Cons: Only if you don’t enjoy miniature ornaments
The Bottom Line:
Penguin, big cookie
Cute miniature ornament
Good things in small piece

Oversized Cookies in this Mini Ornament

As a kid, who didn’t dream of all the sweets you can eat, including sweets bigger than you are.  Okay, okay, I might still dream of that upon occasion.  For one lucky penguin, that’s the case with A Christmas Cookie.

This ornament is the fifth in the Petite Penguins miniature series of ornaments.  It features a penguin holding on to a sugar cookie.  The cookie is shaped like a Christmas tree and the front is covered with frosting, including designs to represent the decorations on the tree.  However, the size ratio is off, and the cookie is actually a little taller than the penguin is.

Again, this is a miniature ornament.  The entire thing is less than an inch high.  But it is packed with details.  It really does amaze me how they are able to get everything in the tiny ornaments like they do.  As long as you know the size before you get it, you’ll be fine.

Because it is incredibly cute!  The oversized cookie and the penguin holding on to it just make me want to smile.  In some ways, it reminds me of the first ornament in the series, where a penguin was also holding on to an oversized treat.

I’m actually a bit surprised to say that this ornament stands on its own.  It helps that the penguin is sitting down, so there is more of a base.  The cookie is a bit lop sided when you set it out, but that’s okay.  It still looks cute.

Slip an ornament hanger through the loop at the top, and you’ll find that the ornament hangs straight.  It definitely looks better hanging than sitting, but either way, you’re sure to love this ornament.

I mentioned earlier that this ornament is part of a series.  As such, you’ll find the 5 in a Christmas tree on the back of the cookie.

I realize that miniature ornaments aren’t for everyone, but if you do enjoy them, then I definitely recommend A Christmas Cookie.  This ornament packs a ton of cuteness into every bit.

And get more cuteness with the rest of the Petite Penguins ornaments.

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