Sunday, March 28, 2021

Disney Pin Review: Robin Hood Archery - All Star Trading Cards #3 - 2020 Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: A rarer character in a perfect sports fit
Cons: Face partially hidden
The Bottom Line:
Robin, archery
Logical choice for series
Catch him in action

This Pin Almost Hits the Bullseye

There are many obvious Disney characters connected to sports.  One of those is Robin Hood and his expertise in archery.  So, it wasn’t surprising that he received a pin in the All Stars Trading Cards series.

The pin itself is rectangular, so it looks like a sports trading card.  Robin Hood is raised in a pin on pin technique, and he is pulling back his bow, ready to aim at a target we can’t see.  And yes, this is the animated Robin Hood, represented by a fox, and he’s dressed in green.  Behind him, we see a bit of foliage, and he’s signed the top of the card for us.  I love how his signature includes an arrow hitting the target of one of the O’s.  Down at the bottom, we have Archery written in glittery blue.

Robin Hood is a character we don’t get too many pins for, so I like the pin from that standpoint.  And, since he is so good at archery, he needed to be included here.

However, the pin could be better.  He’s in action, pulling back his bow to shoot, and his eye is lined up to aim.  That means that his face is hard to make out.  I wish they would have found a way to make it easier to see his face.

Still, I’m glad I got this pin.  It’s a fun addition to the limited edition series.

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