Saturday, March 27, 2021

March 27th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 Batwoman – I’ve had some issues with this season, and one of them being the “What happened to Kate storyline.”  I figured she was dead.  If they were going to recast her, it would have happened at the start of the season and then they moved on, right?  I guess I was wrong based on the ending of the episode and the articles I’ve seen since.  I’ll have to see how it all plays out.  Meanwhile, I wasn’t too invested in Ryan’s plight.  I knew she was going to survive.  The show is named after her.  I just didn’t see the connection to the plant coming.  I should have, but I didn’t.

Ellen’s Game of Games – They had a good streak going for a while on Know or Go.  But then the questions got very hard very quickly.  I was wondering how they’d settle the tie on the Slime game.  I didn’t see anyone loading the camera in 14 seconds, let alone 4.

The Flash – I’m glad they were dealing with the emotional impact of the previous story.  My favorite scene was the one where Barry and Iris talked.  Hard to believe they killed the villain right after redeeming him.  Yes, he was only a villain of the week, but still.

Superman and Lois – On hiatus for six weeks?  Just as the show is beginning to build momentum.  We’ve been going away from a traditional TV season for a while, but I wonder if this will officially kill it.  Anyway, not surprised that Jonathan’s girlfriend broke up with him.  But I feel sorry for him.  The flashbacks were interesting.  I like the fact that, while at times the characters lash out in bad ways, we can understand where they are coming from at any given time.  That means they are doing a great job building the characters, at least the Clark family, into real characters.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Much better episode.  It helped that we actually saw the two title characters together.  I’m also not hating the new Captain America as much as I thought I would right off the bat.  I’m still fearful that the show will turn preachy.  It feels like they want to but are just holding back a little for some unknown reason.

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