Saturday, March 6, 2021

March 6th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Batwoman – Glad they are starting to deal with her wound.  I was losing patience with that, and they need to deal with it at some point.  Not surprised she broke up with her girlfriend again.  She had guest star written all over her.  Kane shutting down the clinic is not a good plot complication.  And once again, Alice got all the best lines.

The Equalizer – I’m loving the relationship between Robyn and Detective Dante.  Yes, a bit of will they/won’t they along with the will he arrest her question.  They sure do work well together when they need to, don’t they?  Like this episode.  Hard to believe that set up worked at the end, but I loved it.  Still not loving the sub-plots with the daughter, but they are getting better.

The Flash – It’s been 10 months since the last episode aired.  And I can tell.  I can’t remember who the new characters are exactly, which was my biggest frustration.  Glad to see them wrapping up one storyline with Barry getting his speed back.  I know I’m supposed to feel something for how he did it, but I actually don’t.  I’m actually kind of over that character, and the version he got last season didn’t help matters at all.

Superman and Lois – Jordan doesn’t have powers after all?  I don’t believe that.  I suspect they will pop up at bad times over the course of at least this season, and he’ll eventually learn to control and harness them.  I never would have figured out he was named for Jor-El.  Nice reveal.  While the family drama with the teens can be a bit much, I am loving the relationships they are building with the family.  Not surprised Lois quit; her storyline is going to be very intriguing.  And what made this alternative Superman so evil?

WandaVision – I’m going to have to sleep on this one.  Lots of action.  Lots of twists.  I’m not sure we got a lot of revelations or a ton of resolution.  On the other hand, I certainly felt what Wanda was feeling there at the end.  Very well written and acted.  And the effects were outstanding.  Of course, it makes sense.  This is a semi-tie-in to the movies.  If you don’t see it, you are supposed to still follow the movies, so they can’t do too much that will confuse the viewers who only watch the movies.

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