Sunday, June 19, 2022

Father's Day Sunday/Monday Post

Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day to any dads who might be reading this post (including my own).  I'll be calling him and some point Sunday to wish him a happy Father's Day.  Sadly, he's too far away to go and visit in person.

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We got account reconciliations behind us!  The review meetings went well, so I'm happy about that.  This week, I will need to get started gearing up for month end again.  It's a never ending cycle when you work accounting for a company.

I did take Friday off, a long due comp day.  Didn't get nearly as much done as I thought I would, but I did go see the new Jurassic World movie.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Full review to come on Tuesday.

In other news, I hung out with a friend Wednesday night who is moving out of the area.  He was in town to get the last of his stuff.  We've been hanging out quite a bit the last couple of years, so it's going to be hard.  Especially since the other member of our trio moved out of town a couple of months ago.

Went out paddling Saturday morning.  It was looking like there was a small window when there wasn't going to be much wind.  I didn't quite hit it, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Still, it was a good workout.

And Saturday night, went to the LA Aviators (professional ultimate Frisbee) game again.  We played the team from San Diego.  It was close the entire way with San Diego getting the only break of the game, so they won 19-20.  They scored that final point literally at the buzzer, too.  But it was fun to be there for such a close game.

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Book Haul:

Only four new books this week, and two of them were free to me!

A Book to Kill For by Harper Lin has been on my Amazon Wishlist for a while.  Not sure how it crossed my radar, but I figured I'd watch to see if I could snag a good deal on it.  This week, it was free, so when I spotted that, I snagged it!  Now, we'll see when I get around to reading it.

Meanwhile, I got the audiobook of The Drop by Michael Connelly, the next in the Harry Bosch series that I need to listen to.  Thanks for my library for that one.

Rounding out the week, I bought two new books.  After finishing the third in the last month, I bought Send in the Clowns, the fourth in the Country Club Murders series by Julie Mulhern.  I also bought Hooked on Murder by Betty Hechtman.  This is a popular cozy series, but I've never read it.  I was inspired to check it out when I realized it was set in Southern California because the author lives down here.  Not sure when I will get to either of these.

What I'm Currently Reading:

Despite everything I did on Friday and Saturday, I managed to finish Charlie Thorne and the Curse of Cleopatra, a middle grade book by Stuart Gibbs. Sunday, I will start on Muddled Through, the newest Maine Clambake Mystery from Barbara Ross.  I love this series, so I'm looking forward to it very much.  I've also started The Drop.  With all the driving I did on Saturday, I'm making good progress, too, although that will slow down during the week since I won't drive nearly as much.

That's about it for me.  Have a great week!


  1. I'll be curious to see what you thought of Jurassic. I want to see it. Hope you have a good weekend. I like that Mulhern series...

  2. I am glad you enjoyed Jurassic World. Sorry to see your friend leave! I hope you have a great week ahead.

  3. Happy Father's Day! I hope you have a nice conversation with your father.

    best... mae at

  4. Some good books there. I have downloaded A Book To Kill For so thank you for that!

    Have a great weekend and week ahead!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  5. Sounds like a good week. Enjoy your books!

  6. Happy Father's Day! I haven't watched any of the Chris Pratt Jurassic movies, so I need to do a binge day.

  7. It sounds like you had a good week. Those books all look good. A few of those cozies are on my TBR. Hope you have a great week!

  8. Michael Connolly has been on my list for a long time!

  9. Your titles look good, and you reminded me that I still need to read more of Julie Mulhern's books! I also like the look of the Michael Connelly one. Enjoy your week, and sorry you will be losing one of your friends!

  10. Hope you enjoy your books.
    Have a great week.

  11. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the new Jurassic World movie. I want to see it. I don't have high expectations, which is probably good. Hopefully, I'll like it.

    My Sunday Post

  12. Sounds like a good week, and some great books here! Hope this next week is good too!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  13. Happy Father's Day. I have never been to a professional ultimate Frisbee game, but it sounds like fun. Have a great week, Mark

  14. You have been very busy. We usually get together with my dad, but we are in Montana on vacation and I had to be satisfied with a quick phone call.

    It's always hard to have a friend move. My oldest friend is moving at the beginning of next month.

    Love seeing your freebies.

  15. Oh, I like that crochet theme with Hooked on Murder. Happy reading

  16. We are coming up for the end of financial year here so the pressure is building!

    The frisbee match sounds very nailbiting!

  17. It’s not Fathers Day here til September, but it is the end of the financial year on June 30th so we are prepping our accounts.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  18. Sounds like your week was busy but fun! I need to start the Maine Clambake series - I love Maine settings.

  19. It's nice to speak to parents even though far away. Or so I keep telling my kids.

  20. Hope you had a nice Father's Day. I tend to not accomplish as much as I intend to on days off. I must like the pressure of a schedule too much.

    Great books this week. I want to read A Book to Kill For as well. Hope you a great week.

  21. Sounds like you had a busy week. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  22. I've been eyeing the Crochet Mystery books for a few years since I enjoy knitting and crochet. I hope you enjoy it! Have a great week and happy reading :)

  23. It's difficult when friends move away. Even though you'll keep in touch, it isn't the same as having them in town. How fun to go to an ultimate frisbee game; I've never been to one. Have a great week!

  24. I'm planning on watching the new Jurassic movie soon. I haven't read a cozy in a while. There is book two of a series that I need to read, maybe I'll get to it soon. I hope you have a great week!

  25. It is hard when friends move away, but at least it's easier to keep in touch now than it used to be. It won't be the same but the friendship will still be there.

    Enjoy your week!

  26. I had no idea there's pro ultimate frisbee! My son played with friends in HS and college - looked like fun but not my thing. Enjoy your reading this week!
    Mary @Bookfan

  27. Changes coming with friends moving away, it is never quite the same when they aren't near by. Lots of good cosy reading going on.

  28. I'm glad you are enjoying your paddling and the fisbee sounds fun too. I'll be interested in your thoughts on the new Jurassic movie. More good books for you this week. Have a good week and Happy Reading!

  29. Yay for accounts reconciliations being behind you! Sounds like a good week even if the paddling was a little windier than hoped for. Have a wonderful week!


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