Saturday, June 18, 2022

June 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – We finally did see a few people go for the moving bar at the end.  Not that I blame them.  If I hurried, I’d miss it, so I get why they waited.  And some people made it past the snake this week, too.  Sorry that Sandy and Jesse aren’t moving on.  I love both of them.  Glad to see Joe make it again, as always.  Let’s do it, this year, Joe!

The Weakest Link – I’ll definitely agree that the two guys in the final round didn’t do that well.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have done much better than they did.  They got some very hard questions.

Holey Moley – Can we get Kermit to replace Rob?  I’m really getting tired of the Rob-schtick on the show.  Just not funny.  But I found Kermit pretty funny in his guest commentating segment.  I’d forgotten about the Big Foot hole.  Shows how often they use it.  I can see why; the others seem to have more creative consequences and better TV.  Or maybe we just aren’t seeing the full potential since they haven’t had it on that much yet.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Rather violent episode.  I wasn’t expecting some of those deaths until maybe next week.  Did a good job of moving the story forward, however, and setting up next week.  I’m really curious how they are going to bring everything together for the final episode.

Ms. Marvel – A bit better episode than the pilot, but most of the time that’s the case since we no longer have to meet the characters.  They are still slow playing the villain, so it was more high school drama than I would normally enjoy.

The Flash – What an episode.  I am a little surprised that they spent two years with Diggle popping up in various shows only to have that storyline end like it did.  I support his decision, but it still seems a bit odd that they’d build up to what feels like nothing.  They obviously just set up the two-part season finale.  And you can tell they were building toward a potential series finale with what has been going on.  I felt like talking the new speedster out of being evil was a weak climax, but with what they set up at the end, I’m anxious to see how everything resolves.

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  1. I love that you include Weekly TV thoughts on your blog! I do enjoy American Ninja Warrior but haven’t watched yet this year! Thanks for the reminder!


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