Saturday, October 1, 2022

October 1st's Weekly TV Thoughts

I was on vacation week before last.  Hence the reason I skipped a week in my Weekly TV Thoughts.  I tried my best to catch up, but being gone the week shows premiered, there was just too much TV to catch up on.  Here's what I did make it through this week.  Hopefully by next week, I will have completely caught up again.

Press Your Luck (9/16) – Wow!  That guy got lots of prizes since he hit it big in both the regular game and the bonus round.  I don’t blame him from walking away when he did.  I would have, too.  Of course, I knew he would based on how much time was left in the show.

Dancing with the Stars (9/19) – As always, I was thinking about skipping this season, but the stars drew me in.  Quite a few good stars, too.  I feel like this is going to be insane as we near the end of the season.  But there is definitely some dead weight to get out first, although I always root for those stars to up their game and stay around longer than expected.  Two hours without commercials is very long.  Hopefully, they cut the episodes down by a few minutes as they lose dancers.

Quantum Leap (9/19) – That was fun.  Pretty much exactly what I had hoped it would be.  They’ve updated it to give us a mythology to follow, which the original never had.  And I’m certainly curious to know why Ben lept.  I love how they have given us nods to the original without drowning in them.  Clearly, it is a continuation that is trying to make fans of the original happy.  I feel like they are doing a good job of it.  I’m just sorry it sounds like the ratings are poor for it because this first episode was fun.

Stargirl (9/21) – Some interesting developments with Starman this week.  And I like the fact that they specifically said that Courtney has matured because of watching him.  I was sensing that, but I like to see that it is intentional as well.  And it’s nice that the potential love interest got some development on his story.  I wonder where they are going with that.

Survivor (9/21) – I get that they are trying to give us more time to get to know the players by giving us a super long first episode.  But there isn’t enough content to justify two hours.  It’s a bit too much talking, and with 18 players, it’s really hard to keep everyone straight at this point.  Always feel sorry for the first one gone, however.

LegoMasters (9/21) – So hard to see that pair of siblings go first.  I get that they need to give us new things each season, but they could give everyone a first task that is simple and then slowly build in some of the more complex things.

The Amazing Race (9/21) – I liked the scramble.  We will see if they do that on every leg.  I kind of hope they do since that will really change the dynamic of the show.  I’m also curious to see how the no non-elimination legs changes things.  I’ve had it saved teams I really liked that had a bad day, so I think I’m going to miss it overall.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (9/22) – I get what was supposed to be funny in the wedding, but it wasn’t.  It was just painful.  The sub-plot with the indestructible guy was pretty funny, however.

Dancing with the Stars (9/26) – Glad that Cheryl lived to see another day.  I was glad to see everyone improving.  Yes, there are definitely the stars that are doing better than others, but I appreciate the fact that everyone is working hard and doing the best they are able.  I always enjoy watching that happen.

Quantum Leap (9/26) – Yes, I’m really loving this show.  The stories in the past feel just like the stories from the original show.  Good complications and just fun.  We don’t need the stuff with the team, but I am intrigued as to what Ben was up to.  I am worried we won’t find out that was all about, however.  And Ben being back in six months?  If this show goes on for years, what are they going to do about the wedding?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (9/29) – This episode grew on me a bit as I was watching.  I liked the group therapy scene.  Some actual funny parts there.  Still, seems like we are rambling around instead of actually getting somewhere despite the bit at the end showing at the story is progressing.

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