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Ornament Review: Beaglescout - Spotlight on Snoopy #4 - 2001 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Another ornament based on a classic Snoopy character from Peanuts
Cons: A bit simple overall
The Bottom Line:
Snoopy and Woodstock
Simple yet fun ornament
Scouting in the woods

If I Put Beaglescout on My Tree, Will You Be Able to Find Him?

The early years of the Spotlight on Snoopy series featured classic incarnations of the famous dog from the Peanuts strip.  The fourth ornament, Beaglescout, was no exception.

There were lots of strips that feature Snoopy as the leader of some kind of scout troop made up of Woodstock and his bird pals.  Those are exactly the moments captured here.

This is the simplest ornament we've had to date.  Snoopy is wearing a green hat with a wide brim tilted slightly backward.  He's also wearing a yellow scarf.  Woodstock is sitting on the hat brim wearing the exact same thing.  That's pretty much it.  Of course, when they were out camping in the comic strip, this is all they were wearing, so it fits.  And it is enough to make me picture the other birds following along behind or a group of them around a campfire at night roasting marshmallows.

One advantage to the limited costuming is that this ornament is very white.  This Snoopy stands out a bit more than the others.  Not enough to detract from the overall tree or be distracting.  But this one tends to be one I spot whenever I am glancing at my tree.

Once again, they've got the year hidden on the ornament.  In this case, 2001 is written on the side of the hat.  Honestly, until today, I had never looked for it, so I had never noticed.  It can easily blend in unless you've got the light just right.  There is a 4 in a Christmas tree (along with other copyright disclaimers) on Snoopy's foot, but it is very hard to read.  You pretty much have to know what it says.

At first, Snoopy seems a little unstable on his feet, rocking back and forth noticeable when set down.  However, once he stabilizes, it takes quite a bit to get him rocking again.

The ornament is made from plastic, so Snoopy is very lightweight.  I think it would take quite a bit to break him, but as the box reminds us, he isn't a toy.

The little circle for the hanger is right at the top of Snoopy's hat.  And this is the first time they have the balance absolutely right.  Snoopy doesn't lean slightly to one side or forward.

The ornament is a bit simple.  But sometimes elaborate isn't a good thing.  Beaglescout isn't the most exciting ornament in the Spotlight on Snoopy series, but it does evoke the comic strip and make me smile.

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Original Price: $9.95

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