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Ornament Review: Snoopy the Magnificent - Spotlight on Snoopy #8 - 2005 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Cute ornament with lots of great detail; fun idea
Cons: No direct tie in to Peanuts.
The Bottom Line:
Details make this ornament
Magical Christmas

Watch Snoopy Pull a Bird Rabbit Out of His Hat

We are now on the eighth ornament in the Spotlight on Snoopy series, and we've entered the part where the ornaments are pulling less and less from the Peanuts comic strip.  In fact, there's only one left that I feel has a real clear tie in.  Snoopy the Magnificent isn't it, but it is certainly still plenty of fun.

This is the only ornament in the series to date (and we're on twelve at the moment) that features Snoopy without a hat of some kind on.  He is dressed for his role as a magician, however, with black magician's jacket over a red shirt.  He's even got a black cape.  In one of the details I love about this ornament, the cape is actually billowing out behind Snoopy like the wind has just hit it.  And the inside of the cape is green, adding another layer to things.  In his right hand, Snoopy is holding a magic wand.  And in his left hand he is holding his hat.  So, yes, there still is one involved in the ornament.

Woodstock has gotten into the act as Snoopy's assistant.  We're obviously done with the first trick since Woodstock is sticking his head out of the hat.  And he's dressed in a bunny costume.  The only part that is yellow is Woodstock's face.  The rest is covered in a white, fuzzy bunny costume.  It is soft and fun to touch.  And they keep those details right here.  You can't see all of Woodstock without peering down into the hat, but if you look, you'll see the costume covers all of Woodstock.  Second, if you look closely enough, the costume is a very opaque white, which means you can see Woodstock's yellow underneath.  It's not enough to ruin the look at a glance, but it is a nice touch if you look closely.

They didn't try to hide the year anywhere on the ornament.  Instead, you can find 2005 on his left foot.  And the number 8 in the Christmas tree design is on his right, signifying this is the eighth in a series.  Frankly, it's written so small, it's hard to make out.  (Either that, or my eyes are really starting to go.)

The only things touching the ground are Snoopy's two feet.  They are spread far enough apart to give the ornament perfect balance is standing up.

Since Snoopy doesn't have his hat on, it makes the gold loop for hanging the ornament a little more obvious than on the others.  It's really the only design flaw, and I'm not quite sure how you'd get around it.  When you hang him, Snoopy leans slightly forward, which really makes Woodstock look down.  Of course, if you hang this ornament near the top of your tree, it means you can see the details better that way.

Once again, it is made from lightweight plastic.  It's sturdy enough for the intended purpose, but I wouldn't want to play with it or abuse it.

This is only the second ornament in the series not to come in bubble wrap.  Instead, it comes in a little plastic bag with a molded plastic holder.  I'm not sure why they changed the design, but it certainly protects things for the eleven months a year it is in storage.

I much prefer the Spotlight on Snoopy ornaments that create some of his famous characters from Peanuts.  But as a non-tie in, Snoopy the Magnificent is certainly a good ornament.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Spotlight on Snoopy series.

Original Price: $9.95

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