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Ornament Review: The Winning Ticket - Spotlight on Snoopy #7 - 2004 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Snoopy's take on politics always makes me smile.
Cons: No real tie in to the Peanuts strip.
The Bottom Line:
Christmas politics
Unusual bedfellows
Snoopy makes them fun

Snoopy Makes a Political Statement All Will Love

Elections.  Politics.  Presidential election year.  If you are like most Americans, those words and phrases don't immediately make you break out into smiles. But the Spotlight on Snoopy series strove to change all that with the seventh entry, The Winning Ticket.

This ornament was released in 2004 (hard to believe it has really been that long ago).  While the nation debated the merits (or lack thereof) of Bush and Kerry, Snoopy launched a daunting third party Presidential campaign.  His running mate was Woodstock.  And their campaign platform?  Pizza and Root Beer for All!  You can guess who got my vote that November.

Seriously, this ornament did cash in on the political year with what turns out to be one of my favorites.  Snoopy is decked out in a red, white, and blue hat.  Heck, it even has stars in the blue stripe and glitter.  He's also wearing a red vest and blue suit with a vote button on it.  Woodstock is decked out in a red glittery hat.  This is also the largest we've seen Woodstock.  While he is still quite small next to Snoopy, he's also enough bigger than previous ornaments as to be noticeable.

The only other prop here is the sign Snoopy is holding.  It does a good job of replicating a campaign sign.  The front is mostly white with the candidates' names on it and the election year, 2004.  The back is red with white writing and has that campaign platform I quoted earlier.

Actually, I've used this ornament to ease tension during other elections.  When friends start to get into it, I just interject that I am getting behind Snoopy this year because of his platform.  It usually gets a laugh and we move on to another subject.

And it's the humor that makes me break with complaints I have on others in the series.  Normally, I don't like it if there isn't some clear connection to the Peanuts comic strip.  But this ornament was just so perfect for 2004 that I can't help but love it.  Besides, I can absolutely see Snoopy running for President.

The craftsmanship continues to be top notch with the series.  Snoopy is standing flat footed, and that gives him a nice base for standing him on a table if you want to.  He's pretty steady, with Woodstock and their sign to help.  He also hangs perfectly level from the hook located at the top of his hat.  The ornament is made from plastic.  It's very sturdy, but I wouldn't want to drop it too many times or on a hard surface.  The glitter on the hats seems to stay on, but I'm sure a child or animal could get it to come off if they started chewing on it.

Politics gets to be too much of a touchy issue.  That's why I enjoy the lighthearted touch that the Spotlight on Snoopy series brought to it with The Winning Ticket.

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Original Price: $9.95

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