Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I'll just warn you know I went a little fan boy rambly there at the end.  But seriously, when does season two of Girl Meets World start?

Once Upon a Time – I’m surprised, but it looks like they got rid of Ursula already.  Then again, they’ve never given her that much to do.  It’s still obvious that they are going to send Emma down a dark road, but how far she will go remains the question.  I can’t wait to find out.  Here’s my full recap.

Dancing with the Stars – Take it seriously from week one.  I’m so sorry to see someone who obviously put some work into it for week two gone, but he should have taken it seriously sooner, obviously.  There are some strong contenders near the top, that’s for sure.  Looks like another great season.  Plus a Disney night coming up.  Can’t wait for that!

Castle – I love seeing the minor characters in the spotlight, and Ryan really shown this week.  A bit more of the others than some of the spotlight episodes have had in the past, but that didn’t diminish my enjoyment at all.  Here’s my full recap.

The Flash – So he actually just lived the day over again.  I thought there might have been two of him.  Kind of cheats the whole Cisco death thing, but I knew they wouldn’t kill him one way or the other.  And it shows us just how bad of a guy Dr. Wells truly is.  The rest of the season is going to be very interesting.

Agents of SHIELD – Not quite as good an episode, but at least we got to see what was happening with Ward.  Obviously, I’m missing something since I thought he killed his brother.  Anyway, they explained what is happening, but it felt a bit like set up for the fireworks it looks like we will get next week.

Arrow – So much going on, we hardly needed the clichéd flashback.  Not that I think the character is really dead.  They will be able to resurrect him if they want to.  I doubt Diggle is leaving team Arrow.  The drama between Oliver and Ray was great, and their confrontation scene perfect. Except for one thing.  Why did Oliver walk away and not go to help Roy?

Survivor – Every time you throw a challenge, it bites you.  Every single time!  Yep no one has learned that yet.  Also, you don’t attack someone and then expect them to be on your side.  But that’s just basic humanity 101, which very few people on the Blue Collar tribe seem to have.  Can’t believe we are at the merge already (only two tribals as two tribes?) but that is going to make things extremely interesting next week for sure.

Girl Meets World – How long until we get season two?  So cute and so funny.  I’m not the biggest fan of Auggie and his “girlfriend” but even their scenes were funny.  I wonder where they are going with the brother/uncle, but it was interesting to see him get what he’d been giving out.  And Riley and Lucas?  So cute together.  I think Lucas is actually my favorite character.  Having said that, Lucas’s scenes with Cory were some of my favorites just because of how funny they were.  I know The Disney Channel doesn’t always release season sets of their shows.  I will be first in line to buy this season.  I loved it.  Seriously loved it.

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