Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pin Review: Pecos Bill - Storybook Classic #2 - 2016 Disney Store Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Two great scenes of Pecos Bill
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
Pin for Bill and horse
Capture two movie moments
Collectors will love

A Pin for Pecos Bill and Widowmaker

When I realized that the pins in the Storybook Collection series would have the same characters but not feature the same pose as the ornament, I began to really look forward to them to see what they would be.  Pecos Bill, the second pin, has two fun scenes.

The front of these pins features simple lines on a single color background.  In this case, we’ve got a drawing of Pecos Bill riding his horse Widowmaker through a desert landscape.  We can see some spires and a cacti behind them, but the focus is on the two characters, who are riding hard.  Pecos Bill even has a lasso above of them.  We can’t see what they are chasing since there isn’t room in the scene.  Above the top, we have Pecos Bill written like the title of a book.  All of this is presented with a yellow background and simple red or green lines.

And just like a storybook, this ornament opens.  Inside, we get a full color picture of the Pecos Bill and Widowmaker with their faces next to each other smiling and singing.

Now I’ll freely admit that I’m not super familiar with the movie Melodytime that featured a segment on Pecos Bill, but I did rewatch it after getting the pin and ornament for the month.  I appreciate the fact that they picked two different scenes from the movie to highlight here.  While there was nothing wrong with the ornament that just featured the three main characters, I like it more then they focus on an actual moment from the film.

Being a slightly heavier pin, this one has two posts on the back to help hold it in place.  Considering there are two pieces of metal connected by the hinges, it’s no surprise to me that it’s heavier and needed that added fastener.

It’s nice to see some lesser known characters getting a chance in the spotlight again, and I love this Pecos Bill pin for that reason.  Any pin collector and fan of Disney’s rarer films will snap this one right up.

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